How much is the original charge for iPhone 6, 6S

All owners of Apple smartphones should ask how much it costs to charge an iPhone 6. The original charging set that comes with the phone may fail or be lost. And then the owner will need to look for a new device. And it is better to get acquainted with the cost and pricing policy of the stores in advance. You may also be interested to know how to charge iPhone and what chargers you can use.

How much is the original charge for iPhone 6, 6S

Original and alternative

When purchasing a new charger, you can choose from two options: original from Apple or alternative from other manufacturers such as Belkin or Deppa.

If you take the original charger, then you can be sure that it will fit any iPhone 6 and 6S, will last a long time and will not harm your smartphone. It has a specific MFi certificate that indicates that the product meets manufacturing standards Apple. But she usually has a high cost. Alternatives are usually 20-90% cheaper, but they can quickly break down or even harm the device. Their quality is highly dependent on the issuing company, and there is a high likelihood of running into an unreliable product in pursuit of a low price.

how much does it cost to charge an iPhone 6

The cost

How much does the original iPhone 6s charge cost? What about alternative devices? The price depends on:

  • the region of the country in which the purchase is made;
  • the country itself;
  • delivery distance;
  • the issuing company;
  • complete set;
  • uniqueness of design.

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If you live far from the manufacturing company, you will have to overpay for delivery; if you want a branded device, you will have to pay for the designers' sketches and finishing.

It is also important in what configuration you purchase the device. If it is only a USB cable or only an AC adapter, then the cost is naturally lower.

how much is the original charging for iPhone 6s

An original fully loaded charge in Russia costs about 1,500-3,000 rubles. Non-original can be bought for 150-2500 rubles. In the US, the device is purchased for $ 4-30. On the site itself Apple the price is approximately $ 25. The price difference in different countries is negligible.

Where can I buy

It is better to purchase a charger for iPhone 6, 6S from official distributors Apple. Yes, it is more expensive. But the cost is justified by the quality of the device and its compatibility with all iPhones of the brand, which is confirmed by the MFi certificate.

How much is the original charge for iPhone 6, 6S

Also, the device can be purchased in stores that supply equipment from well-known companies. But before that, you need to study all the information and reviews about them well.

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