How much memory to choose for iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Many users who set out to purchase the products of an American corporation Apple first of all pay attention to the cost of the device and its memory. Choosing the right amount of internal storage space is of paramount importance since these smartphones do not have flash drives. Therefore, it is important to figure out whether 64 GB is enough for iPhone 8. After all, the lack of this parameter can significantly spoil the impression of the device within a couple of weeks after purchase.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – a new line of smartphones in the assortment of the 'apple' manufacturer. The devices have almost identical characteristics and are in the same price segment. The slight difference in cost and specs makes it a bit difficult to choose between 64GB and 256GB.

How much memory to choose for iPhone 8/8 Plus

Price difference

Today both models are sold in only two variants – 64 GB or 256 GB. The cost of different versions is:

  • Apple iPhone 8 64 GB – $ 699;
  • iPhone 8 256 GB – $ 849;
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – $ 799
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – $ 949

It follows that the higher value model costs $ 150 more than the lower volume counterpart.

Who needs 64 GB of memory?

Note that earlier models did use the amount of internal space with a maximum value of 32 GB. Accordingly, the transition to the 64 GB model should have completely covered the users' appetites. But is it?

How much memory to choose for iPhone 8/8 Plus

In fact, it all depends on how actively the volume is used. If you download a music library, which takes 5 GB on average, and also add several films, then the user will have about 30-40 GB at his disposal, which is quite a lot.

However, modern technologies do not stand still. With the advent of the new 4K video format, movies and video recordings have become simply gigantic, taking up almost all the memory in devices.

The user can try to free up internal space by transferring files to the iCloud cloud service and using the new junk app cleaner.

Also, remember that out of the stated 64 GB, some of the memory (about 4 GB) will be occupied by the pre-installed operating system.

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It is difficult to imagine a modern mobile device user who would not have installed games or applications on his device. But they also take up a lot of memory. For example, programs for formatting and processing photos and videos require about 2 GB, only the necessary office applications will take another 1.3 GB. And this is just a small list of possible applications. Even more memory requirements are imposed by modern games – some of them can take more than 2 GB.

If you count 10 heavy programs and 10 games, then a considerable amount will be released in total. At the same time, it is important to remember about the constant updating of the cache of games and applications, which also requires some memory consumption.

How much memory to choose for iPhone 8/8 Plus

It follows that there is not much space left for video recording. Especially when you consider that the 8 Series models can shoot video at the highest resolution in the history of the iPhone. In this case, the frame rate reaches 60 FPS. Thus, one minute of video recording will take up 400 'meters' of memory. It is possible to change the shooting quality to standard 1080p, but this is not at all interesting.

As for music, it is less memory-demanding. The middle track takes about 9 MB. This means that the size of the playlist has practically no effect on the total amount of memory.

Who is the 256 GB memory for?

Some users do not want to solve the problem of lack of iPhone memory, install programs to clean up unnecessary applications and constantly make sure that there is always free space on the disk. It's easier for them to pay $ 150 and never come back to this question.

The stores offer the best solution: 'Buy the 256GB version and download more than 10 4K movies.' In this case, there will still be room for your favorite games, photos, music selection and even your own 4K video files.

For many years, users have been comfortable with devices with 128GB of storage. However, the manufacturer decided to provide either a large amount of free memory – 256 GB, or reduce its volume to the critical minimum – 64 GB.

How much memory to choose for iPhone 8/8 Plus

Is it worth saving and buying iPhone 8 with 64GB memory

For users who prefer autonomous work with a gadget, 64 GB will obviously not be enough. Storing a music collection, many games, films, photographs, as well as constant shooting in 4K require free space, which means that you will constantly have to clean up your memory, delete something, and move something.

If the user listens to music online or prefers to enjoy radio broadcasts, downloads no more than 2-3 films for a single viewing, and stores his own photos and videos in the cloud, then 64 GB will be more than enough, and it is inappropriate to overpay for more memory.

What can fit in a 64 GB device:

  • 1000 songs;
  • 2500 standard photos;
  • 2500 Live Photos;
  • 20 most popular applications;
  • 2 hours of video with 4K resolution and 30 fps;
  • 10 best games;
  • application package Apple.

If that's enough, then 64 GB will be enough in the choice of version. With more of your own videos, you will need 256 GB of memory. For $ 150, the user gets 4 times more internal space, and whether it is worth overpaying is an individual decision of each.

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