How to activate iPhone 6

To start activating the sixth iPhone, you need to turn it on and perform the initial settings. After switching on, the owner of the device sees a welcome screen, which can be presented in many languages ​​of the world.

  1. To start activation, you need to swipe to the right side to unlock the screen.
  2. After this simple action, you need to select the desired language for mutual understanding and the state in which the device is used. How to activate iPhone 6
  3. You will also need to select a Wi-Fi network, otherwise you will not be able to continue activation. How to activate iPhone 6
  4. After that, you need to start or disable geolocation. You can enable this feature later for applications that use it. How to activate iPhone 6
  5. You can also customize the gadget by restoring a backup stored on the cloudy cloud service from your computer using iTunes. If the iPhone is only out of the box, you need to select the settings for the new device, create an account by entering your email address, password, etc. How to activate iPhone 6
  6. The next step is to agree to the use of free services offered to users Apple. You also need to activate iCloudDrive to sync contacts, emails, photos, and more, and the 'Find iPhone' phone search feature. This will allow you to find a lost or stolen gadget. How to activate iPhone 6
  7. You will also need to set an access password to enable and unlock. In order to store passwords, you need to activate Iclaud – a bunch of keys. How to activate iPhone 6

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These are the basic settings that allow you to proceed to further launch and use the device.

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