How to change wallpaper to iPhone

IPhone screensavers are called wallpapers. These are pictures that are displayed in the background of application icons and system labels. You can install them both for the device unlock screen and for the desktop. There are several ways to change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this both through the phone settings and with the help of special applications available for download.

How to change wallpaper to iPhone

The updated screen saver on iPhone is set using the 'Settings' menu item. In it you need to select the 'Wallpaper' sub-item. In this section, both a screensaver for the desktop and a picture for the gadget's lock screen are installed.

How to change wallpaper to iPhone

The phone comes with factory settings, that is, with a preset ringtone, volume, applications and desktop pictures. The standard wallpaper iPhone can be easily changed to any other image. The only peculiarity of iPhones is that they do not provide for the ability to save information to a separate drive, that is, a flash card cannot be connected to iPhone.

How to change the desktop and lock screen saver on iPhone:

  1. In the 'Settings' menu, select the 'Wallpaper and brightness' item, in it go to the 'Wallpaper selection' section.
    How to change wallpaper to iPhone
  2. Select the source: 'Wallpaper' Apple or any album from the 'Photo' section.
  3. Choose the photo you like.
    How to change wallpaper to iPhone
  4. Click 'Install' in the preview window.
    How to change wallpaper to iPhone
  5. Select the desired screen to display the selected picture: 'Home' – to be installed on the desktop, lock screen – to be displayed on the login screen of the device, you can also install one image on both of these screens.
    How to change wallpaper to iPhone

How to change the default wallpaper picture to your own

There are several ways to change the desktop background on the iPhone:

  1. Using iTunes. You can either download free images this way or buy them from the iTunes Store. This service can also be configured to transfer images from a computer. You need to connect your phone via the Lightning interface to the USB connector on your computer and select the folders you want to sync with the iPhone photo gallery. The resolution of the pictures must be set in the photo editor equal to the resolution of the iPhone display – for example, for iPhone 8 it is 2426 × 1125.
  2. Also, new screen savers on iPhone are easy to install by downloading them from the Internet. There you will find many original images that can be loaded by long pressing on the display and choosing 'Save' from the menu that opens. You can use the same method when downloading pictures from cloud storage.
  3. Any photo from your phone camera can be used as a screensaver. Photos are saved in the photo gallery, which is available from the screen saver change menu.

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iOS also uses a dynamic splash screen Apple. It is located both through the browser (it is better to use the Safari browser), and in specialized applications for finding pictures for the display. There are also standard dynamic screensavers, they can be found in the settings menu.

How to change wallpaper to iPhone

When placing an image on the display, the mode of displaying it on the screen is selected, it can be 'Screensaver' or 'Perspective'. When the second effect is selected, the screensaver will move relative to the inscriptions on the screen when the position of the device in space changes.

Where to download new wallpapers for iPhone

A large number of wallpapers for iPhone can be downloaded for free. They are available both through a global search and with the help of special programs for iOS, which offer a good selection of high quality images for the screen saver. There are several such applications, they are available in the AppStore. Examples:

  • Retina Wallpapers HD,
  • Backgrounds,
  • Kuvva Wallpapers.

The difference between these programs is that they immediately offer images of the desired resolution and quality that look good on a Retina display. The content of these applications is often updated, so the screen saver on iPhone can also be changed periodically.

There are special bots of the Telegram messenger that can quickly find high-quality images for any request.

In the iCloud cloud service, it is possible to save pictures uploaded to it to the iPhone in the Photo Stream. From there, they can be easily set as your screen wallpaper.

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