How to charge iPhone without charging

How to charge iPhone without charging

Every user of modern gadgets has come across a situation when the charger is not at hand or is out of order. The problem is serious, because our smartphones are focused on everyday life, work, shopping. The owners of iPhones are not used to being discouraged in this position and are thinking about how and how to replace accessories from Apple. There are many 'experts' on the net who offer alternative ways to charge iPhone without charging using additional energy sources and even fruits. It is dangerous to believe such statements, it is easy to spoil the device by inept actions. Therefore, we will take a closer look at ways to restore iPhone activity with improvised means.

From computer

Charge Iphone from computer

The first and obvious way to charge your iPhone 5S without charging is to use a personal computer. Each charger consists of two elements – an adapter and a USB cable. In the absence of the first part, the gadget is connected using a wire to USB to a similar output on a PC.

Power bank

Power bank – portable charger or external battery. The device is specifically designed to extend the operating time of a smartphone or tablet. Power bank is a 1500 mAh battery or more.

If the gadget has sat down, connect your smartphone to the Power bank using a USB cable.

Charge Iphone from Power bank


The battery case is a development of the last 5 years. The concept has been asking for a long time, and has become useful for people who find it difficult to allocate time and place to charge a smartphone from the network. The gadget is inserted into the case, charging is carried out automatically.

Wireless charger

charge iphone wireless charging

The modern way to charge your iPhone without charging is with wireless charging. Since the eighth generation, iPhones support the international Qi standard. Today, this technology is built into cafes, transport, airports or hotels. Charging docks are sold on the manufacturer's website.

Alternative energy sources

Another way to charge your iPhone if there is no charge is to use the gifts of nature. Modern technologies are presented today in a smaller, portable version. Mini batteries, 'pocket' wind or solar generators.

From the sun

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Solar panels appear to be the energy source of the future. In the near future, gasoline and gas will recede into the background, but for now, provide all of humanity with electricity only with the help of radiation from the nearest star. But in some areas, solar panels have found application. The company Apple plans in the future to create a hybrid smartphone that could work simultaneously from the electric grid and from the sun. But so far it remains only a project.

From the wind

Portable wind turbines today are not the fantasy of an advanced engineer. Such devices are available for purchase in Russian and foreign online stores. They use lithium-ion batteries similar to those found in electric vehicles. When folded, the wind blower fits into a backpack or a car and will become an additional source of energy when hiking and traveling.

From the fire

The first thermostats appeared in the early 10s of the XXI century. The idea of ​​the engineers was simple – in extreme conditions outdoors, on a hike or far from the benefits of civilization, a person has no access to electricity or solar energy. But the fire is at hand at a person. No matter how much laughter the idea of ​​charging an iPhone arouses, this method has been tested in reality and has shown positive results.

The design is simple, a special plate is heated by fire, water is poured into the container. Due to the temperature difference, the mechanism generates an electric current. Works regardless of external conditions.

From water

The energy of water has been known to man for a long time, today the streams of water in the stream are used not only to power power plants, but also to much smaller objects – smartphones and tablets. The device is placed in a river stream and held on a rope. The mechanism converts the power of water into energy.

Charge in a public place

charge iphone in public

In the city over 200 thousand people, the owner of the iPhone will be able to charge the smartphone without charging. Civilization gave birth to public places, and with them free outlets with the same electricity. Where can I charge my iPhone without charging:

  1. In the mall. The points for recharging the battery are located near cafes, food outlets or in the central part of the store, where a place for mass gatherings is provided. Now there are places for distributing electric charges via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.
  2. You will find the same service in an Internet cafe. In Russia, they are not as widespread as in Europe, most often coffee shops and other food outlets where they do not sell alcoholic beverages combine this function.
  3. At famous chain cafes: McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and local chain stores will not leave customers in trouble, you eat and charge your iPhone wirelessly. Digital technology stores have included smartphone charging in the list of services. The cost of the order is from 50 to 150 rubles. depending on the charging time of the gadget.

How iPhone charges faster

The dream of every smartphone owner is instant charging. I urgently need to run to work, a date, and my beloved iPhone goes into hibernation. It will not be superfluous to find out in advance 3-4 ways on how to charge a gadget in extreme conditions. Four popular ways:

how to charge an iPhone faster
  1. Perform a covert maneuver to disable Airplane Mode. Background programs consume most of the energy under normal conditions. When you turn off wireless, geolocation, sync and other applications, charging will go 2 times faster.
  2. Turn on 'Power saving mode'. The manufacturer recommends using these settings at all times. When the option is turned on, the power of the smartphone is reduced, background applications are turned off, the iPhone consumes less energy. The battery will charge faster and the device will save power later.
  3. Use a powerful charger. A computer or laptop is not suitable in this case, as it gives too little voltage in the network. The set with the new iPhone comes with a charger of low or medium power – 5 or 12 watts. A USB adapter of 29W or more is sold separately from online retailers Apple or authorized dealers.

While the iPhone is charging, our hands are looking for something to do, so we are in a hurry to play a game or flip through the feed in social networks. If you are waiting for a quick charge, this habit should be ruled out, since your actions consume additional energy. Get busy cooking, reading a book, or collecting things.

A smart way to always stay in touch is to carry an extra battery with you, then in an emergency there will always be a way to extend the 'life' of your smartphone.

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