How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity

For many years, the iPhone has been considered the most popular phone. Unfortunately, this led to the fact that a bunch of all kinds of copies appeared on the market, and especially those models that just entered the market. One of these is iPhone 8. How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity How to check the phone for authenticity before buying? This question is asked by many people who are not very technical. In fact, this is extremely easy to do.

  1. It is worth starting the procedure from the box. It should always be tightly sealed with cellophane. It cannot be only if you buy a phone hand-held. Next, we look at how the labels are glued on the bottom edge. The original phone has all the data written right on the box, not on a sticker. If there were no problems with the packaging, proceed to the rest of the points. How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity
  2. The case of the iPhone is worth a look. For model 8, the back cover should only be glass. Also, there should be nothing on the edges, except for the volume buttons, the lock button, the silent mode switch and the connectors for the SIM card and charging. If there is some kind of antenna on the case, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as a slot for a flash drive, this is one hundred percent fake.
  3. Let's turn on the phone. When loading, the screen should be white, with a black bull's-eye in the center if the device is Silver and vice versa if it is Space Gray. Naturally, the original iPhone is controlled only by the operating system iOS. By default, version 11 comes with iPhone 8. Having an earlier one should also confuse you. How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity
  4. When the device turns on, you need to verify the serial numbers in the settings and on the box. To do this, go to 'Settings', then to the 'General' and 'About this device' item. Here we are interested in the line with IMEI.

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How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity How to check iPhone 8 for authenticity

It must match the one indicated on the box. It is also worth checking it out on the official Apple website to make sure yours is definitely not a fake. After you indicate IMEI on the site, you should be shown a picture with your phone and its characteristics. If the data match, then there is no longer any doubt that you have purchased the original iPhone 8.

However, some sellers can save on components – put Chinese headphones and a charger in the box. Remember that original accessories are always labeled 'Designed by Apple in California' on the wires. If it is also present, then congratulations on purchasing a fully genuine brand phone Apple.

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