How to clean the camera on iPhone 5s

If the pictures taken with your iPhone camera are flawed in the form of spots or streaks in the same places, dust on the device's camera may be the cause of such problems. The body of the device is not sealed and after a certain period of operation, the appearance of small debris on the parts is inevitable. Storing in pockets, under pillows and other similar places will aggravate the situation.

The first thing to know is do not attempt to clean your camera at home if you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of electronics repair. This is fraught with the loss of small fasteners, damage to fragile parts and the transformation of your iPhone into a useless box.

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The process of professional cleaning from dust consists in the following actions of the master:

  1. Opening the case of the device;
  2. Gently detaching the display from other parts;
  3. Dust removal with a compressor;
  4. Careful cleaning of the camera elements;
  5. Reassemble parts in reverse order.

How to clean the camera on iPhone 5s How to clean the camera on iPhone 5s

The accumulated dust can be effectively removed only by blowing out with a compressor. Usually the necessary equipment is present in the workshops. By adjusting the air flow rate, dust and small debris are gently removed. It is almost impossible to achieve such a result manually.

After purging, carefully clean the chamber parts with a cotton swab without touching other components of the device. Then, in reverse order, the parts are returned to their place. At this stage, it is unacceptable to rush to avoid accidental damage to any part.

How to clean the camera on iPhone 5s

In conclusion: it is recommended not to store iPhone in places where dust accumulates and to use protective accessories. Also, do not try to clean the device yourself or fix a problem with the system. Entrust it to professionals, otherwise the result of such manipulations is unpredictable.

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