How to clean the charging socket iPhone 5S, 5, 6

An open charging port in iPhone is not only a convenience for the user, but also the reason that over time the gadget becomes impossible to charge due to clogged contacts. How to clean the iPhone charging connector using available tools and whether it is possible to do this on our own, we will figure it out further.

How to clean the charging connector iPhone 5S, 5, 6

Controversial way

Most of the tips on how to clean the charging socket iPhone 5s boil down to blowing out the inlet using a hair dryer. It is expected that the compressed air flow will blow out accumulated dirt in the connector and will not damage the contacts.

In practice, this does not happen. Among other things, Apple technologists warn that cleaning the connector iPhone in this way can cause a complete breakdown of the device. Why? Dust, fluff and fine dry debris that accumulates in pockets or bags gets into the socket of the gadget. When in contact with the contacts, dry dust turns into a viscous coating that cannot be blown out. But you can blow even further into the device.

how to clean the connector for charging an iPhone

We properly clean the charging port iPhone with our own hands

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The easiest way is to clean the charging connector iPhone 5 using a wooden toothpick and a piece of cotton rag. You will need:

  • point flashlight;
  • wooden stick (toothpick);
  • cotton rags.

You cannot quickly clean the charging socket iPhone. The work is quite painstaking, it will be necessary to completely remove the adhering dirt and at the same time not to damage the inner socket. It is forbidden to use metal wire instead of a wooden stick. Metal scratches the inside of the connector easily.

how to clean iphone 5s charging socket

How to clean an iPhone nest, step by step:

  1. Check if the wooden stick is scratching the skin of your hands, remove any burrs from the toothpick. You can wrap a small amount of rags around the tip.
  2. Gently clean the nest, removing all plaque.
  3. Check the connector with a flashlight for unnoticed pieces.
  4. Connect the charger and check the gadget for performance.
clean the charging connector iphone 5

Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush. Soft polyethylene hairs will not damage the contacts and will help you quickly clean the nest, remove adhering dirt. If you use a toothbrush for cleaning, it is important that the hairs are dry. It is not recommended to use your own brush, it is better to have a separate one, designed only for cleaning small parts such as: a USB port in a laptop, charging a phone, etc.

If, after removing the dirt, the gadget is not charged, clean the charger connector in the same way. If, after these manipulations, the phone cannot be charged, the problem may be in a faulty charger. In this case, it will be useful for you to learn how to fix iPhone charging.

clean iphone charging socket

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