How to close an application on iPhone X

How to close an application on iPhone X

iPhone X differs from the gadgets of previous generations in innovative design and advanced functionality. Surprises await the owners of the new gadget in gesture control. There are two types of swipes: up – minimize the program, down – open the selected application. Due to the lack of the familiar Home button, even closing applications is done in an unconventional way. The video below will clearly show how to close the application on iPhone X.

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On previous models Apple – gadgets, in order to terminate the application, it was enough to press the Home button 2 times, and then swipe up the desired tab. All actions for iPhone 10 are conventionally presented in several steps:

  1. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to the center and hold your finger until the multitasking mode opens, allowing you to switch between applications. Swiping down will only minimize the application, but will not close it.
  2. Before you close the tabs on the iPhone 10, you have to hold your finger on each of them until the delete symbol '-' appears in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on the delete icon or swipe up.

To exit multitasking mode, just touch the empty space at the bottom of the screen. This video shows a good example of how to close applications on iPhone X. Despite the fact that a new gesture has been added to the usual procedure, working with the device has become easier – pressing a button has been replaced by simple gestures on the big screen. It is worth noting that the gesture of pinching the card was added by the developer so that the user does not accidentally close the application when trying to return to the main screen.

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