How to close apps on iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X

Users of iPhone X, and, in principle, all iOS devices think that if they are forced to stop running unnecessary applications all the time, it will help save battery power, since they will not work in the background. mode. But manufacturers do not welcome such actions, since the forced closing of applications does not actually affect anything – this is a feature iOS.

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With the introduction of iPhone X and the absence of the Home button, the process of closing applications has become a little more difficult.

It happens that the owner of the device may necessarily need to close this or that application. This happens in cases where it does not work correctly or hangs. In such a situation, it is worth adhering to the following algorithm:

  1. Swipe across the screen from the bottom to the middle without releasing your finger from the screen. The app switcher will open. Then the finger must be released.
  2. How to close apps on iPhone X

  3. Then you should select the desired application and hold down the preview. A red uninstall icon appears in the upper right corner of the app. Click it and close one application at a time.
  4. How to close apps on iPhone X

  5. If you swipe up the preview. The application will also close.

How to close apps on iPhone X

To exit the menu, you will need to click on any area of ​​the screen on which there is no image. It is usually located at the bottom. Since there is no “Home” button on iPhone X, you will have to work with the gadget with gestures. Thanks to this innovation, manufacturers have made the closing procedure more difficult, but you can quickly get used to it.

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