How to close your profile in Instagram

Almost every person who has constant access to the Internet at least once, but went to Instagram. Perhaps even under your own account. However, very often people who actively use the social network receive a large amount of spam. It is expressed in subscriptions for one day, likes and other things. Someone treats this with calmness, and someone is furious. There is one surefire way to solve this problem.

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In this case, you should resort to closing the profile in Instagram. If you do this, an account that is not mutually subscribed to your page will not be able to show any activity.

To hide your profile, let's take a few steps:

  1. We go into the application itself and go to your profile page.
  2. How to close your profile in Instagram

  3. Next, we are looking for a gear in the upper right corner, when you click on it, the settings open.
  4. How to close your profile in Instagram

  5. Scroll to about the middle and stop near the item 'Closed account'. We activate the switch and enjoy a quiet life without active spam.

How to close your profile in Instagram

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