How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone

Mi Band 2 from a well-known company Xiaomi is a line of fitness trackers (bracelets) that open up the following possibilities for the user:

  • count the steps taken;
  • monitor the amount of lost calories;
  • measure the average heart rate;
  • activate the smart alarm function.

How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone

In order to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone you need to follow these instructions:

  • Download the proprietary application 'Mi Fit' in the AppStore. It is also possible to install the program by scanning the QR code given in the instructions.

How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone

  • Register a personal Mi account in the program.
  • Log in to this account.
  • Link the fitness tracker to your mobile device.

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How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone

In the created account of the Mi Fit application, the information of user activity will be saved in the future. You can log into your account from another phone and continue your personal marathon of sports activity.

If a situation arises when iPhone does not see the bracelet, the reason for this may be:

  • the accessory is linked to a different account;
  • there are technical problems with communication;
  • mobile phone and bracelet are at a great distance;
  • the purchased bracelet is not original.

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