How to crop video to iPhone

Videos can be edited and trimmed not only on a PC, but also on an iPhone. Access to video creation is facilitated thanks to modern devices. You just need to know how to trim videos on iPhone using special applications.

Crop video using a standard application

  1. To achieve the intended goals, you should open the video in the Photo program.
    How to crop video to iPhone
  2. To facilitate the procedure, turn the smartphone horizontally. Click Edit in the upper right corner. View the footage that you plan to edit. Move the cursor so that it is easy to cut and save the desired fragment.
    How to crop video to iPhone
  3. To trim the beginning of the video, move the left marker to the right, if necessary, and move the right marker to the left. Click Finish to remove unnecessary items. Then choose the option to save the video. You can Save as New or Crop Original.

Other video cropping software


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It is very massive, it is considered to be above other video editors in terms of capabilities. The video track is divided into parts here, keeping separate elements in files. Beautiful templates are available for use, there are 14 of them. Owners iPhone can add music, graphics to the video sequence, insert logos or titles. The program also allows you to insert your own voice of the author.

Perfect Video

There are more functions here than in a regular video editor. You can add subtitles to your footage. Specialists and advanced users additionally use watermarking, overlaying and adding audio tracks, pasting text. The corrected video material can be easily exported to Facebook, posted on Instagram or YouTube.

Clips Video Editor

The principle of cropping is like in a simple video editor. Allows you to delete fragments, as well as change the playback order. If you use ready-made editing, it automatically trims, glues and saves into a single video material.

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