How to cut a SIM card for iPhone

People who used to use old phones before going to iPhone 6 will experience one problem – different types of SIM cards. Starting from the 5th iPhone, these devices use nano-sim. In fact, this is just the main card board cut from a standard SIM card.

Almost all operators now make their SIM cards so that they can squeeze out a card of the type that the user needs. But what to do with old SIM cards that are not squeezed out?

How to cut a SIM card for iPhone

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first one is easier and safer, but it will take some time. The second is much faster, but there is a risk of damaging the SIM card. Let's start in order.

Method 1

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The easiest way to take an old SIM card is to the operator's salon, which owns it and ask the seller to cut it to fit the required connector. This is always done free of charge. If the SIM card is too old, it must be replaced with a new one with full preservation of all data, however, this will take some time.

Method 2

The second option is to crop the card yourself. To do this, you must follow certain instructions so as not to damage the chip.

It is best to use a clerical knife for trimming, as in this case the risk is greatly reduced.

So, to cut the card, take out the slot from the phone and attach a regular SIM card to the connector so that the chip is in the center. Carefully trace around the slot with a pen or pencil. After all these steps, you can start cutting the chip.

A success can be considered the fact that in the end the SIM card fits snugly into the slot and is detected by the phone.

How to cut a SIM card for iPhone

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