How to delete a page in VK c iPhone

Users of mobile devices and social networks are sometimes interested in how to delete a VK page from an iPhone. The easiest way to do this is with a personal computer or laptop, but many are already abandoning a PC and using only mobile devices. The process of deleting an account is simple and takes a little time, even if you use a smartphone instead of a PC. To delete using a mobile application, you must follow the correct procedure.

How to delete a page in VK c iPhone

How do I delete my account?

The procedure for deleting a VK profile on a smartphone is identical to a PC. The only difference is that the user may experience inconvenience due to the small display size on a mobile device. Removal instructions are as follows:

  1. You should log into your personal VKontakte account using any browser;
  2. Go to the navigation bar located on the left side of the page;
  3. We go into the settings. Scroll down the list of available items;
  4. Click on the last section called 'Delete page';
  5. Once you open this section, follow the instructions that it offers.

How to delete a page in VK c iPhone

No additional software is required to deactivate the full account. Before deleting a Vkontakte profile, you need to carefully consider your decision, because after closing the page and unlinking the phone number, it will be difficult for the user to restore his page. But the data recovery function is provided for everyone who was registered in the social network, and in the future it can be used.

How to untie a phone number from a Vkontakte page

To complete the process of deleting a profile, you need to unlink it from the phone number. Otherwise, the deletion will not be considered final. Users integrate phone numbers with social networks for security reasons. If attackers try to hack a page, an SMS message with a corresponding warning will be sent to its owner's smartphone. If fraudsters manage to hack the page, then they will not be able to change the password, since this requires the account holder's mobile phone.

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To unlink the phone number from the profile, you need to go to the corresponding menu and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the number in the window that appears;
  2. Wait for an SMS message with a secret code to arrive;
  3. Enter the received code into a special line.

How to delete a page in VK c iPhone

After the password received via SMS is entered, the number will no longer be associated with the Vkontakte account, and notifications will no longer come to the smartphone. An alternative way to de-integrate your phone with your profile is to link another number. You also need to make sure that the profile is associated with email. To enter the page and delete it, an email address is entered in the 'Login' field.

Alternative ways to delete a profile

This method is suitable for those who want to delete all information about themselves, but at the same time want to follow other users and use various services of the social network. In this case, to delete the profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Settings' item;
  2. On the 'Privacy' tab, select the 'Only me' option in all drop-down lists;
    How to delete a page in VK c iPhone
  3. In the remaining tabs, you need to completely delete all personal information;
  4. Delete all data and records from your page (photos, videos, music, etc.);
  5. Clear friends list.

If the above methods did not suit you for some reason, then you can write a letter to technical support. Letters with requests to delete profiles are accepted to the email address of the Vkontakte administration. In this case, the user may be asked to provide proof that the page belongs to him.

How to delete a page in VK c iPhone


The user should take into account that after deleting the profile, all ratings and comments within the social network will remain under his name. Because of this, many change their name before deleting a profile. If over time you need to return your Vkontakte page, then for this it will be possible to use the recovery functions via e-mail or phone.

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