How to disable headphone mode on Phone

If the headphone mode cannot be turned off, then this is a sign of a breakdown that you can repair yourself. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • system failure – the smartphone does not recognize the included headphones, so it does not turn them off;
  • mechanical damage when dropped, causing deformation of the headphone input;
  • contact with a humid environment, which makes it impossible to turn off the headphones.

How to disable headphone mode on Phone

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The manufacturer iPhone is constantly modernizing the equipment, and breakdowns occur in rare cases and mostly due to the owners. When headphones are switched on and do not respond to disconnection, the following options may help:

  • gently clean the entrance with a toothpick;
  • clean the connector from dust;
  • turn on the headphones and reboot the system;
  • turn on the speakers;
  • change the volume level;
  • turn off the Wi-Fi connection.

If your smartphone is frozen, you should reboot the system. If all procedures have not eliminated the breakdown, you will need to contact the repair centers. It also happens that a reboot helped, but for a small period of time, then you still need to contact a specialist.

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