How to disable iMessage on iPhone

The 'iMessage' app at iPhone is a free program for sending messages from the company Apple. The application allows users of corresponding mobile devices to send any number of SMS messages, as well as pictures and video files, which of course allows users to save money if they have the Internet.

In order to disable the service on a mobile device, the user must follow the instructions:

  • In the main menu iPhone, open the settings section.
  • In the settings, open the message item.
  • In the 'iMessage' line, move the slider to disable this service.

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How to disable iMessage on iPhone

  • Return to basic settings.
  • Enter the 'Facetime' item menu.
  • Disable it in the same way using a slider or slider.

How to disable iMessage on iPhone

In order to check if the functions are disabled, the user needs to go into the application and send a couple of messages to friends. When the application is deactivated, SMS messages should be green, and if they are blue, the owner must wait. The reason for this is that the shutdown occurs during the day.

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