How to disable notification icons in programs on iPhone

How to disable notification icons in programs on iPhone

A huge number of news notifications come to your iPhone from a variety of applications, each of which vie for your attention. But we can easily enable the option to disable notification icons in apps.

App notification icons are numbered red incoming alerts that appear in the corner of the app. They can quickly become annoying and are not always important. Moreover, the desire to launch applications in order for the icons to disappear is not always an option, as a rule, it will take even longer than previously thought.

Fortunately, along with the ability to edit how information is presented in alerts and other settings, iOS has a toggle toggle on / off app icons for all programs. Here's how to turn them off:

How to disable app notification icons on iPhone

  1. Open 'Settings' and click on 'Notifications';
  2. Tap on the program you want to change;
  3. Click on the switch next to the app icon to disable them.

How to disable notification icons in programs on iPhone

Alternatively, if you do not want to be disturbed by any icons or warnings and do not want to uninstall the application, you can disable them using the toggle switch – 'Allow notifications'. With such settings, notifications from the application will completely stop coming. But there are also more detailed and convenient settings that will allow you to keep you in the loop without annoying messages.

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You can turn off notifications for any app by pressing the Icon Sticker toggle switch. When you click on this function, red digital notifications on the application will stop appearing, but the notifications themselves will work and remain in the notification shade.

When you turn off the toggle switches 'Sounds' and 'On the locked screen', incoming notifications will be displayed only on the switched on phone screen and will not turn on the device screen while you are not using it. This will have a positive effect on the battery charge and the time of using the device, it is extremely convenient when you need to receive notifications from the application, but at the same time they are not so significant for quick viewing. Moreover, there will be no sound and you will not have to be distracted.

Toggle switch 'Show in history' – will allow you to always be aware of what and when the application sent a notification. All messages from applications when you turn on this toggle switch are displayed in the notification shade.

How to disable notification icons in programs on iPhone

'Banner Show' is when notifications appear at the top of the screen, after appearing for a few seconds, they can always be swiped up or down. Swiping down this kind of notification allows you to reply to messages without going to the application from which the notification came. Alternatively, with the default settings, notifications appear in the middle of the screen and must be responded to by pressing close or read.

Notifications are an important element of applications, but it should be configured individually for each individual, otherwise there is a high probability that many applications may simply bother you and you will not find any other way out than to simply delete the application.

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