How to disable voice control on iPhone

For owners iPhone with poor eyesight, you can connect the Voice Over function. Thus, the automatic voice will sound every letter over which the finger is raised when you type SMS.

How to disable voice control on iPhone

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This application is able to voice not only letters, but also other names:

  • menu items;
  • application icons;
  • navigation elements;
  • reference information;
  • texts;
  • the addressee from whom the call comes.

When connecting the Voice Over application, certain inconveniences arise, for example, in order to read the text, you need to press 1 time, and in order to activate an action, for example, turning on / off a property or setting, you need to double-click. It turns out that the included program often interferes with performing simple and understandable movements.

To disable Voice Over on iPhone, you must perform one of the series of consecutive actions:

  1. Simplest. Press the Home button three times quickly. The function will turn off with the last voiceover – VoiceOver off. This method works on the condition that quick access to special features is configured on the iPhone.
  2. No less lightweight. Go to Settings. Select the General section. It has Universal Access. Go to the subsection, find Voice Over and disable it. While the program is on, you should select an item with one click, and with two – activate.
  3. Plain. Enable via Settings Siri. When activated, voice control is automatically disabled. To do this, find the item Siri in the Basic settings section and move the slider to the desired position.
  4. How to disable voice control on iPhone

  5. Via iTunes. If this application is connected to a smartphone, go to the iPhone settings. Scroll down. Select the item about accessibility settings. Click Don't use. Confirm settings.

How to disable voice control on iPhone

One of the options will definitely come in handy if you are the lucky owner of iPhone.

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