How to disassemble iPhone 5C

Any iPhone is considered a complex technique, so each damaged part will cost its owner a large sum. Of course, you can repair the device yourself by simply purchasing the necessary parts. However, it is highly discouraged to do this if you are not on friendly terms with the technique. Otherwise, this article will tell you in detail how, using the minimum number of tools, to disassemble the apple gadget to the ground and replace the damaged element in it.

iPhone 5C – a phone that entered the world markets in 2013, got under analysis. He did not find much fame, so he quickly disappeared from the shop windows.

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How to disassemble iPhone 5C The first thing to do before disassembling the phone is to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe dry so as not to damage the contacts and circuit boards of the device. Let's go through the list of tools. Not so many of them are needed:

  • 3 screwdrivers (Phillips, straight slot, star);
  • sucker;
  • scapula;
  • napkin.

How to disassemble iPhone 5C

Required tools

You can buy all of them in any store with tools, and the entire set is sold on the same Aliexpress for only 100 rubles.

  1. The first step in disassembling the gadget is to unscrew the star screws on the bottom of the device that hold the display. Then we take out the SIM card slot using a special paper clip. Tip, stack all the screws near the parts from which they were removed on a white sheet of paper. This minimizes the risk of losing important components.
  2. After the screws are unscrewed, proceed to detach the panel with the display. To do this, attach a suction cup to it near some bottom corner and gently pull it towards you. This should be done slowly so as not to accidentally damage the screen.
  3. How to disassemble iPhone 5C

    Correct suction cup position

  4. At the very top, the panel is attached to the motherboard by three cables that hide under a metal plate. We unscrew it, lift the connectors of the cables with a plastic spatula and calmly detach the screen from the rest of the phone.
  5. How to disassemble iPhone 5C

    The position of the screws of the protective plate is marked in yellow, the connectors of the loops are marked in white

  6. The next step is to remove the battery. First, you should also unscrew the metal protection of the cable, then disconnect it from the board. Usually there are special plastic tabs near the batteries, pulling on which it easily falls out of the case. If it is not there, just lift it with a spatula.
  7. How to disassemble iPhone 5C

  8. After these actions, there are several options for the development of events. Let's use my favorite. We proceed to detach the bottom of the phone. it is one of the most important, since here on one loop the contacts of the spoken microphone, headphones, home button and speaker are contained. If one of this does not work for you, we can safely replace it.
  9. To do this, unscrew all the bolts shown in the figure and disconnect the antenna. First you need to remove the speaker as it is not attached to the ribbon cable. If you forget about it, it may just fall and be damaged. After that, carefully peel off (yes, the cable is glued to the phone cover) the cable, taking out all the parts from their connectors.
  10. How to disassemble iPhone 5C

  11. Our next target will be the main camera module. The algorithm is standard – unscrewing the metal protective plate and disconnecting the cable from the connector. How to disassemble iPhone 5C
  12. We pass to the other side of the phone. Here we are interested in the vibration motor. It looks rather unusual, but it plays an important role – without it, the device will stop emitting vibrations during calls, messages and other notifications. We unscrew it and take it out of the connector. How to disassemble iPhone 5C
  13. Now let's get down to the most important part – the motherboard. Most of the screws that secure it to the phone case have already been loosened when removing the other parts, so just unscrew what is left and carefully remove it. You need to be careful, because the antenna cable of the vibration motor is attached to its back side. She is also responsible for Wi-Fi and bluetooth. If you do not know about this, then it will be easy to cut off. Therefore, we carefully hook up the antenna at the attachment point with something sharp and unfasten. After that, the motherboard can be safely put aside. How to disassemble iPhone 5C
  14. The next step is to remove the components of the phone's LED flash. this is done simply – a couple of screws are unscrewed and gently picked up with a spatula. How to disassemble iPhone 5C
  15. One of the hardest steps will be to detach the button loop from the edges. It is fastened with several screws, which are very difficult to unscrew due to the impossibility of a comfortable grip. Having suffered a little, we achieve a positive result and carefully remove all the buttons from their places. This cable is also responsible for the top speaker of the phone. How to disassemble iPhone 5C
  16. The final step will be to peel off the phone's position sensor itself from the body. It is fastened with two bolts, unscrewing which we can easily detach it from the cover. How to disassemble iPhone 5C This completes the disassembly process iPhone 5C. If you wish, you can start attaching all the detached parts to a new cover of a different color, or simply to the one that is better in condition. The original solution would be to leave the buttons from the old cover, and assemble the phone on a new one, thereby giving the gadget a brighter appearance.

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