How to disassemble iPhone 6

To disassemble the iPhone 6, you must first turn it off. Disassembly requires a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two 3.4mm screws next to the lightning connector. To go further in disassembly, you need to use an iSclack or a suction cup. If these devices are not available, you should try to open the mobile phone with Velcro.

How to disassemble iPhone 6

The suction cup must be firmly pressed against the screen above the 'Home' button. The suction cup must be sealed to the screen, the air must be removed. There is a small notch above the headphone jack – the most suitable and safe place to start opening the iPhone. You need to prepare a flat-end screwdriver for this.

Pull the suction cup slowly and carefully to the top, slightly separating the bottom from the top. The top panel is quite tightly attached with an adhesive method. As soon as a small gap appears, you need to carefully insert a screwdriver there and turn it gently so that the glued parts begin to break. In this case, you need to continue to pull the suction cup up.

The tip of the screwdriver should move gradually over the body to remove any glue. Next, you need to lift the screen up by pulling the suction cup, and remove the remaining glue at the same time. You cannot open the phone more than 90 degrees, as you can break the 3 cables that are at the top and are still attached to the back panel.

Next, you need to find 2 screws, 3 and 2.3 mm, holding the battery connector, unscrew them, remove the metal plate.

After that, unscrew the bracket screws that protect the cables, 3 of them by 1.3 mm and one by 3.0 mm. It must be remembered that the 3 mm screw should be on the plate in the upper right corner. If you put it in a different place, you can damage the motherboard.

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How to disassemble iPhone 6

After removing the metal plate, it is not necessary to separate the connectors of the mimic diagram, but the cable. Use a flat screwdriver to pry the cable aside, after which the front can be easily removed.

When the phone is being assembled, the display wire may come loose from the connector. This will be indicated by a blank screen and white stripes. In this case, you need to reconnect the cable, turn the iPhone on and off.

To configure the battery, the battery connector must be turned off and on.

How to disassemble iPhone 6

Use a screwdriver to remove the battery connector from the motherboard, hook the edges of the adhesive strips along the bottom edge of the battery with tweezers.

How to disassemble iPhone 6

Grip the edges of the glue with your fingers and join them together. Pull out the edges of the glue gently and slowly. The battery can then be removed.

That's the whole disassembly iPhone 6.

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