How to distinguish iPhone 5, 5S from a fake

In the article, we will analyze how to distinguish an iPhone 5s original from a fake. Consider what to look for, how to identify a copy.

How to distinguish iPhone 5S, 5 original from a fake

It is known that Chinese unscrupulous manufacturers copy the equipment of popular brands and sell devices through online stores or small communication shops. There are several ways how to distinguish an original iPhone 5s from a fake one.

One of the most reliable ways is to contact large retail outlets recommended by the manufacturer. If the store values ​​its reputation, it will not sell fake iPhones. But the cost of a smartphone will be much higher than buying a used gadget. You can determine the original iPhone 5s from a fake when inspecting it, you should focus on the packaging and labeling of the device.

how to distinguish an iPhone 5s original from a fake

Exploring the box and stickers

You can distinguish the Iphone 5s from a fake by the inscriptions on the device. A smartphone from an American company cannot have hieroglyphic symbols – neither on the body, nor on the packaging. However, their absence does not yet indicate the authenticity of the gadget.

At the bottom of the back cover, you need to find the inscription: 'Designed by Apple in California'.

how to distinguish an iPhone 5 from a fake

It is important to pay attention to the correspondence of the serial number on the stickers of the phone itself and the marks on the box. A mismatch may indicate a fake. Often unscrupulous producers make mistakes when applying the main symbol Apple: the apple must be bitten on the right.

how to distinguish a fake from an original iphone 5s

Nuances: see what is in the box

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The package bundle may suggest that the iPhone 5s is a fake. A standard set of items supplied with a new device should include:

  • the phone itself, packed in a protective film;
  • white headphones – also wrapped in polyethylene;
  • charger unit in a bag;
  • auxiliary device for pulling out a SIM card;
  • a set of documentation for a smartphone and paper stickers with company logo.
to distinguish iphone 5s from fake

There should not be any additional items: stylus, memory cards and covers in the box. Both the case itself and the box should have a neat appearance.

How to check using an online service Apple

You can 100% find out how to distinguish iPhone 5s from a fake on the official service Apple. To do this, go to the service eligibility check page and enter the serial number shown on the body in the line located in the center of the web page. If the smartphone is original, information about the current manufacturer's warranty will appear. This method is applicable for all smartphone models Apple, including when you need to figure out how to distinguish iPhone X.

identify the original iPhone 5s from a fake

Internal differences

Since it is not always possible to visually distinguish an iPhone 5 from a fake, you need to turn on the phone and check it in operation. The features of the gadget will tell you how high the probability of the gadget's authenticity is. IPhone 5s should not:

  • work with delays;
  • be equipped with additional slots for SIM cards;
  • have grammatical errors in the Russian menu;
  • equipped with a yellow flash LED (original – white).
how to distinguish an iPhone 5s original from a fake in appearance

The original iPhones are equipped with matte displays, if the screen reflects light like a mirror, then this is a fake.

Moments that shouldn't be scary

If, when turned on, the smartphone does not request activation, then perhaps this was done by the first owner or seller. The information should be clarified. The amount of memory can be different – it depends on the modification, but not less than 16 GB.

The relatively low price should not be alarming if the smartphone is bought hand-held, but it is worth checking the iPhone carefully.

iphone 5 fake

Is there a great chance to distinguish genuine iPhone at a glance

A person who knows the products Apple knows how to distinguish a fake from the original Iphone 5s: for this, it is recommended to carefully examine the case. But to avoid mistakes, you need to check the iPhone carefully. Determining authenticity by examining what a phone looks like is not easy: manufacturers are improving equipment and constantly eliminating differences.

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