How to distinguish iPhone X from a fake?

The iPhone 10 has become a breakthrough in the global electronics market thanks to its top-of-the-line hardware, updated operating system, and eye-catching looks. At the time of the start of sales, the cost of the device in the minimum configuration was 80 thousand rubles. Therefore, 'craftsmen' were immediately found, in the pursuit of profit, releasing the iPhone 10, the fake of which brings an unprecedented income. Previously, fakes were not of high quality; it was possible to recognize them from afar. In order not to run into a clone, it is important to know how to distinguish an iPhone 10 from a fake – technologies help fraudsters to achieve an exact similarity between the copy and the original.

fake iphone x: how to distinguish

Supplied complete set

The lower the price of the iPhone 10 offered by the store, the higher the likelihood that the buyer is trying to sell a fake smartphone. The average cost of a device in the minimum configuration starts from 69 thousand rubles, suppliers sometimes additionally offer discounts up to 5 thousand rubles. The average cost of a model with 256 GB of internal memory for storing user files starts at 75 thousand. If the seller offers to buy iPhone X for 40-50 thousand rubles, then this is an alarm bell – they are trying to sell a fake to the buyer. Simple logic – not a single store will operate at a loss, the iPhone is cheaper in the official American store. The cost of the device is added to the costs of taxes, customs and logistics, so the price cannot be lower than in the official store, even with sales and discounts.

The first thing they look at when buying an iPhone is the appearance of the box and the supplied equipment. The counterfeit box either matches the original or exceeds the size. The original box will not contain any inscriptions in Chinese, typos, errors or other textual defects. To the touch, the material of the copy is unpleasant, slippery, and also has an unpleasant glossy sheen. Inside, in addition to the smartphone, the original contains:

  • adapter for Lightning connector;
  • EarPods (Lightning input);
  • USB / Lightning cable;
  • adapter for USB;
  • documents and instructions for the smartphone.
generic package iphone x

The set of fakes is not so rich, it's good if ordinary headphones and USB charging are put inside. There are also situations when the set of the copy matches the original, but the accessories are dummies. When buying, do not hesitate to check the functionality.


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The second way to tell a fake iPhone 10 is to look closely at the case. When the model first appeared on the market, the scammers did not pay attention to the appearance, focusing on the main differences between the 'tens' – the 'bangs' and the dual camera. Over time, the appearance of the copy began to exactly follow the lines of the original model. It is important to make sure the speaker and camera portion of the display is cut into the screen and not part of the matrix. So far, the Chinese have not learned to fake such features qualitatively. There are other features that can be seen with the naked eye:

  • the real one iPhone does not have a protective film on the screen;
  • the smartphone is not equipped with antennas;
  • there should not be additional connectors for the mini-USB interface, as well as slots for a memory card and a second SIM card – the iPhone has only one SIM card;
  • the back panel of the device can only be removed using additional tools;
  • the lid bears the words Assembled in China, iPhone and Designed by Apple in California;
  • also on the rear panel there is the model number and certification mark – text in English, no errors or typos.
iphone x case features

There are also counterfeits designed for inattentive buyers – the shape of the smartphone in such cases is close to rectangles familiar to users from SonyXperia models. Also, the back panel iPhone is made of durable glass rather than cheap plastic. Models ordered from online stores may have a strong unpleasant odor, which also indicates a fake in the box. The presence of the Home button also speaks of a fake – a feature of the tenth iPhone was the lack of this function.

Operating system differences

A case became famous when a young man ordered an iPhone 10 at a popular American Internet flea market. Externally, the device matched the photographs, the site had extremely positive reviews about the phone. This luxury cost $ 880. The serial number and IMEI of the 'apple' were checked on the official website, the shell of the operating system was also identical to the original one. But when trying to download the application, the smartphone opened Google Play instead of the AppStore – it turned out that the smartphone works on Android instead of the branded one iOS. The seller of this marvelous device never got in touch. Therefore, when you first start the device, it is advisable to take a closer look at the operating system – a fake iPhone X can disguise itself as other operating systems, but the platform does not support 'chips' and proprietary applications Apple.

When you turn on the smartphone, the logo Apple should appear. If the device is fake, the Android icon will appear, and in advanced cases – the name of the firmware that was ported to the model from another Android device. Also smartphones without iOS cannot connect to services Apple – iTunes and AppStore. If you get error messages when you try to sign in to iCloud, your phone is a fake. It is worth looking through the list of applications – if the services Google Play are indicated there, and system applications have a 'green man' icon by default, then these are the main signs installed on the smartphone Android. It is also worth connecting the device to a computer – to transfer files to the real iPhone, you will need to install the desktop version of iTunes. Without installing the software, files are transferred only to the fake iPhone.

iphone x: operating system

Serial number

Another verification option is to search for the device serial number on the official website Apple. The company has specifically provided for a similar method of protection against fraudsters. Information about the serial number is located in the 'Settings' of the smartphone. If it is not possible to open the application and view the information, then it is worth opening the SIM card tray – there is a printed number IMEI, which is also suitable for identifying the device. There are situations when there is no access to the device. In this case, it is possible to find the serial number or IMEI of the smartphone in other places:

  • information is specified in Apple ID – it is possible to enter the account from any computer;
  • the phone box also has a sticker with a number and IMEI;
  • if the account Apple ID is authorized on several devices, then at the bottom of the profile page in the smartphone settings there is a complete list of devices on which the account is used.

There is nothing complicated in the verification methods iPhone X, so the buyer will be calm about the investment. Even if the seller brings the smartphone home, no one will allow you to activate the device before purchasing. Therefore, look closely at every little thing so as not to get a fake instead of a real iPhone 10.

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