How to distinguish restored iPhone from new

Apple-made smartphones amaze customers with the quality of workmanship and service standards. Also, buyers are surprised by the cost of the device. This is the main problem Apple – thousands of people want to buy an iPhone, but because of the increased cost they do not want to do it. Therefore, Apple offers alternative methods – buyers meet refurbished phones with reduced prices on the shelves. The criminals liked it, so the refurbished smartphones began to be sold under the guise of new devices. In order not to make the wrong choice, it is important to know how to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new phone.

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one?

What is a 'refurbished iPhone'

To begin with, it is worth understanding what a 'refurbished iPhone' is. At first glance, you can't tell the difference – the device is identical to the factory models Apple. The refurbished smartphone was used, but the owner of the device returned the phone due to faults and system errors. Such a device is returned to the factory or to the seller to be returned to an acceptable condition. The phone is repaired, the firmware is updated, a case without scratches or defects is added. After that, the device returns to the counter, but with a minimal price. Before being sent to the store iPhone, they are tested, checked for operability and a one-year warranty is issued.

The restoration of the phone is carried out at a high level, an unprepared customer will not find differences between a new and a refurbished device. A complete set of delivery is assembled in the box, only new accessories are used. A good way to save money – in addition to the warranty, the smartphone will receive the same benefits, privileges and functions as the factory phones. But the wallet will not be so empty after the purchase. Such processing is also applied to those devices that have been handed over by the owners under the trade-in program in mobile electronics stores. The device will work no worse, but you don't want to run into scammers in such a case – the purchase of refurbished devices under the guise of factory ones has increased in many countries of the world.

How to check an iPhone - refurbished or not?

Stamp Apple 'Manufacturer refurbished'

Smartphones with the Manufacturer refurbished mark inspire more confidence in users, as such devices receive a high level of refurbishment. It is not Chinese manufacturers who are repairing and installing a fresh building, but company employees Apple. The iPhone passes performance tests along with the factory devices, and also receives warranty service and other benefits available to owners of new smartphones. Apple specifically marks the boxes of refurbished phones so that sellers are not tempted to sell a refurbished iPhone under the guise of a factory device.

It happens that phones get a factory defect. If the device has only the speaker broken, and the rest of the parts are working normally, then such a smartphone is sent to the conveyor for repair under the restoration program. So Apple reclaims part of the money spent on production and repairs. Demand creates supply – remanufactured iPhone are also popular in the global electronics market. A tempting offer is to buy a real Apple smartphone at a low price. The fact that the device was in use, except for the owner, no one will know.

How to find out if a refurbished iPhone is or not?

Seller refurbished

The workers Apple are engaged in the restoration of faulty devices, but it is allowed to repair and resell the smartphone after the sellers restore the device to work. These phones receive the Seller refurbished mark. If the company acting as the seller is famous for its good reputation and quality repairs, then there will be no obstacles to buying such a device. The nuance is that the warranty period is set by the seller, and usually does not exceed 6 months from the date of purchase. The advantage of such devices is that during the recovery, all the shortcomings are identified and eliminated iPhone.

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Such smartphones are less credible among buyers due to the large amount of deception. Unscrupulous sellers return smartphones to their original appearance, and then sell them under the guise of new ones iPhone. The fact that the smartphone was in use, the user either learns by chance, or does not know until the end of the phone's 'life'. Not everyone will sue unscrupulous sellers, so often such deception gets away with it. But if the seller honestly says that the Seller's device is refurbished, then there will be no obstacles to buying at a lower cost, the iPhone comes complete with original accessories.

How to identify a refurbished iPhone or not?

Verification methods

Now let's talk about how to check an iPhone – refurbished or not. In 99 percent of cases, a visual inspection of a mobile device will do nothing, because during repair work, a used phone is 'put on' in a new case, the glass is changed. The iphone will not have a binding to Apple ID and other Apple services. The graphical shell is also set by default, and the files of the previous owner will not be saved in the device memory. If the restoration is carried out Apple, then apart from the reduced price and the mark on the box, nothing will give the origin of the device. This is the main advantage of Manufacturer refurbished.

If the smartphone was restored by the seller, then the differences will be noticeable if you put the original iPhone next to it for comparison. Take a closer look – minimal deviations in the color of the case, modules of the wrong shade, the display is not as rich and bright as the original. These little things are visible only to those who are looking closely, a good silicone case will solve the problem. But even this is a rarity, the sellers also restore phones conscientiously. Therefore, users have to look for alternative verification methods in order not to fall prey to scammers.

How to check an iPhone?

Box differences

The difference between original and refurbished units can be determined using the delivery box. Apple ships refurbished devices in white boxes without smartphone image. A serial number iPhone is stamped next to the barcode – if there is an RFB mark among the letters and numbers, the smartphone has been restored by the company Apple. Also, the box must have a mark Apple Certified, indicating that the smartphone was tested by the company before being sent to the seller. If the device was restored by the seller, then in most cases the device's 'native' box is used, so you won't be able to find the difference if the Seller refurbished sticker is not present on the side. Whether tests were carried out in this case, you will have to find out from the seller, or better – ask for documents on the device if there are doubts in the store.

How to know if an iPhone is refurbished?

Model number

It happens that the box of the device is lost or thrown away, and it is unclear how to find out if a restored iPhone is or not in this case. A way out was found – for this, follow the instructions.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Find the section 'About device' or 'About this device'.
  3. The line 'Model' contains the number of the smartphone.

It is worth paying attention to two positions. At the beginning of the number there is the letter M, which means that the device is new and intended for retail, or F – smartphones with such markings were previously used. Before the slash (oblique stick) – the marking of the country for which the smartphone was intended. In Russia, this is RU, LL is acceptable (devices intended for consumers in the United States).

How to check iPhone?

Checking by IMEI

We offer another way how to determine a refurbished iPhone or not. The company's smartphones Apple are assigned a unique identifier IMEI, by which it is possible to verify the authenticity iPhone. You cannot get a direct answer, but it is worth paying attention to some points:

  • the phone color must match the one indicated in the device information;
  • the 'Find my iPhone' mode is switched to the 'Off' status;
  • if the smartphone's warranty expired, then iPhone was in use.

These simple verification methods will help you understand if the seller has cheated. There is nothing wrong with remanufactured iPhone if the seller has set a reduced price.

How to check an iPhone?

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