How to draw iPhone?

There is no doubt that the company's phones Apple have a whole bunch of fans. Everyone shows their love for these gadgets in different ways – some just take good care of them, while others devote a lot of time to them. However, drawing iPhones is especially popular. Some do it so professionally that such drawings are bought by the owners of sites and other information resources for publication. In fact, everyone can more or less draw an iPhone. This is due to the simplicity of the design. How to draw iPhone? You can draw iPhone either in life size or simply by taking an image from your head. In the first case, everything is simple – we take our gadget or an image from the Internet and simply redraw it onto a sheet of paper. Everything is more complicated if there is no example before your eyes.

  1. It is worth starting with the body – it is a rectangle with rounded corners. How to draw iPhone?
  2. We measure a distance of about a centimeter from above, several millimeters on the sides and one and a half centimeters from below to outline the display. How to draw iPhone?
  3. Draw the 'Home' button round on the remaining bottom strip of the case. It is located in the center and has a diameter of about 1 centimeter.
  4. The upper part is complemented by a small dot of the front camera and an earpiece. How to draw iPhone?

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The sensors here are so small that it makes no sense to waste time on them. And on the original device, they are almost invisible. On this, the simplest drawing of an iPhone can be considered complete.

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