How to enable geolocation on iPhone

Geolocation – determining the position of a person and a smartphone in real time. Positioning an electronic device is necessary for using maps and navigation, as well as other applications where location markers are set. Such tags are often found on social networks, where people post travel photos; geolocation is needed to determine the weather and other regional parameters – date and time. Even voice assistants and search engines pick up answers to user queries on the Internet regarding location – if you want to choose a new restaurant or go to the movies. Therefore, it is important to know how to enable geolocation on iPhone and stay up to date.

How to enable geolocation on iPhone?

How to enable geolocation on iPhone
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It should be noted that some applications do not work without geolocation enabled on the smartphone. It is possible for programs to block or allow the use of location information – this function is regulated separately in the program or entirely on the device. To do this, go to the smartphone menu and open 'Settings'. In the window that opens, click on the 'Privacy' tab and then go to 'Geolocation Services'. The slider at the very top should be moved to the right (if services are enabled) or to the left (if the smartphone's location is disabled). Below is a list of applications that require permission to enable location detection. Now information for those who are looking for how to enable location on iPhone for applications, setting up the function is easy:

  • select the required application;
  • select the item – 'Never' (access is denied), 'Always' (access is allowed), 'When using the program' (works only when the application is running);
  • see the explanation on how geolocation is used specifically in the app.

If you do these manipulations in the reverse order, then geolocation is turned off, and the smartphone's access to satellites disappears – but the battery keeps the charge longer.

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