How to enable Miracast on iPhone

iРhone provides an opportunity to use a huge range of functions, including a screen mirroring tool for playing movies, listening to music, viewing photos, etc.

Prior to Miracast, device owners Apple used Airplay. This tool wirelessly transfers data from your phone to your TV screen. Airplay only works with devices iOS. Miracast is designed to be streamed from devices Android or a PC with a processor Intel to a TV. Everything that the phone displays will be played on the big screen – this is a great option for android owners, working without the use of a cable. A prerequisite for normal operation of the devices is the use of a certified Miracast product.

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Miracast can work with receivers that have built-in compatibility with the user's device. Users iPhone, unfortunately, do not yet have the ability to use this to play information from the phone to the big screen via Miracast.

How to enable Miracast on iPhone

But you shouldn't be upset, because for users, Airplay remains an excellent solution to this problem of transferring information to smart TVs until Miracast comes into play.

  1. To use AirPlay to mirror data from iPhone, you need to connect it and Apple TV to the same network.
  2. Next, you need to go to the control page of the iPhone or iPad by selecting the AirPlay icon. How to enable Miracast on iPhone
  3. The next step is to select your TV from the list of devices that appear. How to enable Miracast on iPhone

To proceed further, you need to enter your AirPlay password. Then adjust the scaling ratio to fill the entire space. This is where the settings end, it remains only to enjoy watching the content that is ripped off on the phone. AirPlay is a great alternative to Miracast.

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