How to enable Siri to iPhone?

How to enable Siri on iPhone

The company Apple loves to equip products with 'chips' that the competition doesn't have. An unusual but thoughtful move – similar ideas that appeared later will not be innovative, but will receive the title of copies. The first association with the phrase 'voice assistant' among people is Siri, a software product Apple that helps the user to quickly find answers and plan things. The assistant was originally an app for iPhone, but Apple bought the rights and made the mechanical girl part of its own operating platform. Converts often do not know how to call Siri at iPhone, and in this article we will try to understand this issue.

What is Siri

Active users of apple products are intimately familiar Siri (also known as Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface). It is a cloud-based voice assistant that can answer questions and search for information on the Internet. She is even able to talk to the owner of the smartphone, although the stock of witty answers is very limited. The assistant began to speak Russian only in 2014, in fact Siri is an artificial intelligence. She knows how to process human speech, use a navigator and make recommendations based on user requests. Naturally, with the release of the updated models iPhone, Siri also changes. Now the assistant can interact with functions Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and applications installed on the smartphone. Siri on iPhone will set an alarm, find a restaurant and recommend good music – that's why the voice assistant fell in love with customers.

How to call Siri on iPhone

What smartphones is installed on Siri

Since the voice assistant Apple was purchased later than smartphones were produced, the function is available for models older than 4S. Previously, this caused violent envy among the owners of early models, now outdated smartphones are rare, and on 'fresh' phones the assistant works properly. With Siri's help, the iPhone turns into a full-fledged companion, able to help plan the day or remind of a business meeting, you just need to ask. Modern models support the function, with the development of technology Siri it also gets smarter and learns. Apple uses updated concepts, revises the functionality and design of smartphones, but the voice assistant does not remove it – the future belongs to artificial intelligence. Users hope that the manufacturer will continue to keep the function of the voice assistant in its developments, as well as improve the functionality of the software platform.

How to activate Siri on iPhone

How to activate Siri

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Before enabling Siri on iPhone, make sure that the device supports this function – the model must be at least 4S. You need to activate the voice assistant in the smartphone settings, this is done in several steps:

  • click on the application icon 'Settings';
  • select the 'General' settings item;
  • go to the menu 'Siri';
  • turn the toggle switch to the 'green' position;
  • save the selected settings.

Older models do not support Siri by default, but installation of a voice assistant is possible – just equip your smartphone with a jailbreak. Reverse steps to this instruction will turn off Siri if not needed. Not all users are comfortable using the voice assistant, and in order not to load memory, it is recommended to delete unnecessary applications and turn off useless functions. This will also save battery power, and you can always turn Siri back on if necessary.

How to call Siri on iPhone 10

How to call an assistant Siri

No complicated manipulations need to be performed – the voice assistant will kindly respond to 'Hello Siri'. It is possible to form specific queries: 'Hello Siri, what is the dollar exchange rate today?'. The assistant will also tell you about the weather, events and important dates. Now about how to call Siri on iPhone 10 – the concept of the assistant has been changed for the updated generation. To call you need:

  • press the side button;
  • hold down the key;
  • say a voice prompt.

This method is suitable for large requests, because Siri will listen to the owner's voice until he releases the key. A handy feature that helps you optimize your web searches. Therefore, the voice assistant Siri remains an important part of the concept of mobile devices Apple – competitors cannot yet boast of such convenience and quality of recognition.

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