How to find a person by iPhone

The company Apple has provided additional features for users to make it easier to find purchased devices. For example, the problem: how to find a person using an iPhone is solved in several ways.

How to find a person by iPhone: by phone geolocation, through your iPhone

If iPhone is online

In cases where the smartphone is turned on and is present on the network, it is not difficult to figure out how to find a person on an iPhone using standard tools. To do this, it is necessary that the desired iPhone is correctly configured: we are talking about the 'Find iPhone' function. It is better to find out how to find the 'Find an iPhone' function and set it up right after purchasing a gadget. You will also need a second company device Apple to use for the search.

how to find a person on an iPhone

Find My Application iPhone

You will need to download and install the program, if not done earlier. For this you need:

  • go to the official website Apple;
  • go to the section 'Support';
  • find the 'Tracking and Finding a Missing Device Apple' page;
  • in the middle column – information about downloading the 'Find iPhone' program, just below there will be a download link.

Important: the utility must work in the background all the time, since otherwise you will not be able to find a person using the iPhone through standard means.

how to find a person by geolocation of an iPhone phone

If the phone is missing, you will need to go to the website Apple, enter the registration data and the system will show the actual position of the smartphone.

You can find an iPhone by phone number online now by contacting your mobile operator. Most offer additional services that allow:

  • track the signal of the device, even if it is turned off;
  • perform control using USSD commands;
  • use the service online – through the operator's website.

A number of companies allow you to share information with friends, which is convenient for parents who have the opportunity to monitor their children.

how to find a friend's iPhone through your iPhone

We use the iCloud service

You will need to visit the site.

To register, you must use the data of the account that was activated on the smartphone:

  • apple Id;
  • password.

After selecting the required function from the list – 'Find iPhone', a city map will open, and a green circle will indicate the location of the phone.

Important: the search service must be configured to use geolocation.

find an iPhone by phone number online now

iPhone offline

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If the stolen smartphone has been disconnected or its battery has run out, the search will be complicated. Standard utilities can show the last coordinates of the phone within an hour. But to find it, you need special tools.

IHound App

The utility makes it possible to track the iPhone by the signals that the gadget will emit. The program must be downloaded to App Store. Then:

Go to the website and download the application.

Connect the monitoring device by entering the specified information: serial number (imei), description.

how to find the location of an iphone


How to find a friend's iPhone through your iPhone if Wi-Fi is turned on on the desired phone and iHound is installed:

  • go to the program website;
  • enter the registration data of the lost phone;
  • choose an option: track via wifi.
how to find an iPhone by geolocation

GPS chip

Since it is more difficult to find a person by the geolocation of an iPhone phone, it is recommended to use the method as a last resort. It is important that the specified function that transmits and receives GPS signals is enabled on the device in advance.

To find your phone you need:

  • place information (IMEI) in the database of stolen or lost iPhones;
  • write a statement to the local police department;
  • use the services of private organizations that are looking for smartphones.

Even if the attackers have replaced the SIM card, the GPS signal will contain a unique code by which it will be identified IMEI.

iPhone geolocation how to find the phone

When connected to a PC

On the site, the user will find an iPhone using a computer. But here you will also have to specify the device ID and password that you entered during registration. Recommendations of the creators of the service for setting up iPhone:

  1. Update iOS to the latest version.
  2. Enter settings by entering Apple ID.
  3. Enable file syncing.

Now, tracking your phone's location will be enabled automatically after you sign in to your account.

how to find a person through an iPhone

other methods

In addition to these methods, you can get help using other utilities:

  • Prey;
  • Lookout;
  • Cerberus.

There is also such software as GadgetTrak, a paid utility that takes a photo of a new user using the front camera and sends it to the address of the former owner.

Since finding the location of the iPhone is not difficult using standard methods, it is better to use them.

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