How to find iPhone from iCloud computer

The loss or theft of an expensive smartphone is a sad event, but with a quick response, there is a chance to return your favorite toy. If an unexpected situation occurs, the owner will be able to find the iPhone from the iCloud computer. The program is a cloud storage of files and other information about the device and owner data. Among other things, it performs the function of remotely controlling a smartphone using an identification password.

Why iCloud 'Find iPhone' is needed

Why iCloud 'Find iPhone' is needed

To protect smartphones, the company Apple has developed security levels: passwords, passwords, identification using a fingerprint or face picture. These options make it difficult for another person to use the gadget, which means there is time and a chance to return an expensive device.

The iCloud service allows you to find an iPhone through a computer by determining the location of the device. The following actions are possible using remote access:

  1. Play music remotely on the device to determine a specific location.
  2. Erase personal information from the gadget.
  3. Enable 'Lost Mode', in which the smartphone is locked and sends a geolocation signal.
  4. Activation of the Activation Lock feature.

You can register up to 100 devices Apple with the Find iPhone iCloud service and track their location. This function is especially convenient for parents, who thus control the movement of children.

How to find if the device is turned off

Find iPhone if it's off

When activating the function to find an iPhone via iCloud, there may be problems. In this case, the status is displayed:

  • 'offline';
  • 'no locations found';
  • 'geolocation is disabled'.

If your smartphone is turned off or offline, you can still locate it or make settings changes. Lost Mode, Locking or Data Wipe can also be enabled remotely via iCloud. The next time the device is turned on, the changes will take effect.

Likewise, the user has the right to remove the device from the iCloud account. In this case, all previously entered settings will be canceled.

How to find via iPhone

When you don't have a desktop computer or laptop at hand, use the 'Find iPhone' feature on another iPhone. The method is especially relevant in the first hours after the loss or theft of a smartphone. Take the device of a family member or friends, go to The service works on all devices Apple with a suitable browser installed. Detailed instructions:

  1. Open your browser, enter in the address bar.
  2. In the mobile version, the site is displayed differently than on a PC. To open the desired page, click the 'Share' button at the bottom of the screen (a square with an upward arrow) → in the menu that appears, select 'Full version of the site' → the service will open in the usual format with lines for identification.
  3. Log in with your username and password.
How to find an iPhone through an iPhone
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Here you can turn on the 'Find iPhone' function, view data on connected devices. The only drawback of using the mobile version of the site is inconvenient page navigation. To enable some applications, you will have to turn your smartphone horizontally.

How to enable iCloud search 'Find iPhone'

Find an iPhone is specially designed for emergencies. If a smartphone is lost or stolen, the user can track the location of the device, turn on the sound signal for detection, remotely delete all data or block access to others.

Step-by-step instructions on how to find an iPhone via iCloud from a computer online:

  1. Open your browser, search for the iCloud website, or download the program to your PC.
  2. When authorizing, enter your login Apple ID and password. In the window that opens, select the device.
  3. Run the 'Find iPhone' program, the program will show the device's location on the map. Then proceed according to the situation. If the smartphone is nearby and you are sure that no strangers have it, play a remote sound signal for quick detection.
How to enable iCloud search 'Find iPhone'

In other cases, it is recommended to enable 'Lost Mode'. The smartphone will be locked, the screen will display information about the owner, contact number or address for communication. The blocking mode will make it impossible to make payments using Play pay or other services registered in the iPhone.

Tuning to iPhone

Take care of the safety of your smartphone immediately after purchase. The security system Apple works only after the necessary settings have been entered. When you turn on the device for the first time, activate the option in order to find the iPhone from your computer online in case of loss:

  1. Go to 'Settings'.
  2. Go to 'iCloud'.
  3. Toggle the slider from 'off' to 'on'.

If desired, turn on automatic geo-positioning here. When the charge of the smartphone approaches a critical level, the device will send a report on the last location by e-mail or in another, predetermined way.

You only need to turn off Find My iPhone before giving your device to another owner. Disconnection is possible through the 'Settings' item of the smartphone or the iCloud website. To delete an account, you will need to enter your username and password. service site

Online storage iCloud of information from the company Apple became available in October 2012. The service includes such components as 'Contacts', 'Reminders', word processors, photos and the 'Find iPhone' function. Each user of devices from Apple can enter the site using the ID and password and use the following services:

  1. Cloud storage of files, folders, photos, e-mail. Up to 5 GB free.
  2. Saving audio, video files, books. iTunes automatically syncs with iCloud, updating information.
  3. ICloud users receive email with the @ domain.
  4. Find Friends allows you to track the location of loved ones if they have location enabled.

An important component of iCloud is the 'Find iPhone' option. If the smartphone is lost or stolen, the owner can track the location of the device, turn on music for detection, and also block the operation of the device.

To use the iCloud service, you need a password and login Apple ID.

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