How to find iPhone if it's off

According to information obtained from numerous surveys, owners of Apple devices are more likely to store financial and personal data on their phones. The loss or theft of a smartphone becomes a real tragedy – a person loses not only an expensive toy, but also access to cards, financial transactions, emails, contacts and notes. Usually, tips for finding a device are limited to recommending that you enable Lost Mode. The criminals are aware of this feature, so they prudently turn off the smartphone. It is important to know how to find your phone if it is turned off.

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off?

How to find a lost iPhone

For starters, don't panic. The chances of recovering the loss remain if you know exactly how to find the lost iPhone. Check the smartphone's performance in trivial ways – try to call. It is also worth sending an SMS message asking you to return the device to the owner. This scheme works best when it comes to rewards. Call the office of the mobile operator and temporarily block the SIM card – without the digital code sent by banks and applications, the money will not be written off, and the passwords can be brute-force. Temporary blocking is free of charge and can be removed by repeated calls to the 'hotline'.

To restrict access to social networks and bank applications, change all possible passwords using a computer or other mobile device. So nothing will threaten the reputation and size of the owner's wallet iPhone. Calm down and think about where you went for the last time, but you shouldn't really hope for a quick find if your smartphone is lost in a crowded place. If the owner took a taxi, it is worth contacting the dispatch service, perhaps the driver will find a smartphone under the seat. Also call your friends if you spent time visiting before the discovery of the loss.

How to find a lost iPhone?

Through the 'Find an iPhone' program

Now let's talk about how to find a turned off iPhone using utilities. Usually, to find a lost device, they use the 'Find iPhone' function – a useful application that helps to determine the location of a lost device. The problem is that for the application to work correctly, it is important that geolocation and information transfer via the Internet work on the phone. It is logical to assume that the switched off iPhone will not be connected to the World Wide Web, so it will not be possible to find out the location information. But do not be upset, the way out of this situation is provided by the developers Apple.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Enter your account password and username Apple ID. Log in.
  3. Find your lost smartphone in the Devices menu. Click on the image icon iPhone.
  4. Go to the 'Find iPhone' menu.
  5. Find a point with a location on the map.

The fact is that a pre-activated function sends geo-location information before turning it off. A gray dot on the map means that the phone is turned off, and a green dot means that the smartphone is in working order. If the phone fell out of your pocket and turned off, then there is a high probability that the lost iPhone will be found in the same place.

How to find a turned off iPhone?

Through another iPhone

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Many users are interested in how to find an iPhone if they have lost it, but there is no access to a computer at hand. In this case, the 'apple' smartphone of a friend or relative will do. The main thing is that the other iPhone has Internet access. Download the app 'Find my iPhone' from the AppStore – the function of determining the location of the smartphone received a separate program back in 2011. The nuance is that through this application it is possible to log in not only through the owner's account. With a mobile device in hand, looking for a loss is much easier – absent-minded smartphone users Apple have already seen this many times.

The principle of operation is simple – after authorization through the account of the lost smartphone, a list of connected devices will open, among which there will be a lost iPhone. Click on the device name to open a map with a location point. Walk through the last transferred location, it is quite possible that the smartphone is lying in tall grass or snowdrift. If it's dark outside, you can use your friend's phone to illuminate the search site. Remember to sign out of your account when you're done searching. In fairness, it should be noted that if the iPhone was stolen and turned off, then using the location iPhone is difficult to find, unless the thief, of course, turns the device back on.

How to find an iPhone if you lost it at home?

If the owner is near the phone

It is important to understand how to find an iPhone without 'Find an iPhone'. The method is useful if the owner is sure that the phone is nearby, but cannot be found. For such cases, several useful recommendations have been invented.

  1. Don't ignore even the most unexpected places. Often, out of thoughtfulness, the owners, instead of ordinary apples, put the company's products Apple into the refrigerator, and then, with bewilderment, discover the loss of the device.
  2. Check the folds of the sofa – according to statistics, this is where smartphones are most often lost at home.
  3. If kids live in the house, then there is a high probability of finding the phone in a box with toys or in a child's hands.
  4. Use a flashlight to find your phone in dark places.
  5. If you have had guests, ask if they saw where the absent-minded host put the smartphone. Perhaps the guest took the device and moved it to an unexpected place.
  6. If you can't find the phone, but the owner knows for sure that an alarm is set on it, you just need to wait. At the set time, the alarm will go off even if the battery is completely empty.

How to find an iPhone without 'Find an iPhone'?

Lost Phones Database

People looking for information on how to find a stolen iPhone stumble upon so-called Stolen or Lost Phone Databases. Such services work according to the same principle – the unfortunate owner puts information about the phone on the board (appearance, distinctive features, serial number, IMEI). The person who found the smartphone contacts the owner and hands over the phone to the rightful owner for a fee. The idea is correct, but in fact it turned out to be a real breeding ground for scammers. There are several important points to consider:

  • no one vouches for the accuracy of the information posted on such sites;
  • usually fraudsters brazenly demand an advance payment for the return of the smartphone, after which they do not get in touch;
  • the parameters of the smartphone specified by the owner may be used for counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities;
  • most of these services do not cope with the work and are created 'on the knee'.

Entering information into the databases of stolen or lost phones is meaningless and even dangerous for the rightful owner. The dissemination of confidential information jeopardizes the safety of money, contacts and user-generated content. It's not even worth talking about passwords on social networks – when accessing a smartphone, such things are hacked at once.

How to find a stolen iPhone?

If the phone is stolen

Users of Apple devices are interested in what to do if the owner of the phone found out that the criminals had stolen the iPhone and turned it off – how to find the device in such cases. To get started, activate the 'Find iPhone' function and turn on 'activation lock' – this way scammers will not be able to use the device because of the password on the screen. Then change your passwords and send a message via iCloud with a phone number to contact. It is also worth contacting the police – law enforcement agencies have much more search opportunities. The problem is that thousands of phones go missing every day, and the chance of finding a smartphone is low. And the 'professional' thieves have long learned to change serial numbers and IMEI. Therefore, take care of the safety of the device – keep it out of the reach of criminals, charge the battery before going out and do not disable the 'Find iPhone' function. It's also a good idea to set a lock password on your home screen, back up regularly, and store important information in the cloud so that you can access your files at any time.

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