How to fix a charger from iPhone

The company Apple produces wires from environmentally friendly materials. But, unfortunately, they are impractical, therefore they often fail for various reasons. If any malfunctions or damage to the charger occurs, you need to know how to fix the iPhone charger yourself.

How to fix a charger from iPhone 5S, 5, 4, wire

Breakdown reasons

Before you fix the wire from the iPhone charging, figure out why it is out of order. The reasons for the breakdown can be:

  • careless use and storage of the cord;
  • mechanical impact;
  • strong bends.

Such influences lead to damage at the folds (usually near the connector).

how to fix an iPhone charger


There are four ways to get your iPhone 5S or other charger fixed, and we'll go over each one in more detail.

Fixing with duct tape

how to fix a wire from charging an iPhone

This is a way to prevent serious injury. It is relevant when the violation of the wire insulation has just begun to manifest itself.

  1. We take a dense electrical tape.
  2. We wrap the cable in the place of damage and 2-3 centimeters to both sides of it.
  3. Cut off the excess.

Such a cable will not look aesthetically pleasing, but it will last a long time.

how to fix charging on an iPhone 5s


This method involves the use of heat shrink tubing. More reliable than the previous one. The repair is carried out as follows.

  1. Purchase heat shrink tubing from a hardware store. It is a special material that shrinks when heated.
  2. Note that the tube must be selected in accordance with the cable diameter, or rather, the connector, since it will also be protected.
  3. We put the tube on the cable, while going 5-7 millimeters onto the connector itself. We select the length depending on the size of the damaged area, if it is small, then 5 centimeters of the tube is enough.
  4. Then, in short approaches (several seconds each), heat the tube with a lighter or a match.
  5. Shrinkage occurs at temperatures from 110 degrees. The procedure should be carried out as long as the material does not sit tightly on the cable.
how to fix a charger from an iPhone 5

It is important not to overheat the cable, as there is a risk of aggravating the situation.


The previous methods are effective only for insulation damage, but not for internal cable breaks. If they are available, you will have to resort to using a soldering iron. The repair is carried out according to the instructions.

  1. Strip the wires. In particular, remove a little of the outer insulation, and then clean the inner cores from the wires.
  2. Apply a drop of flux to the edge of each contact. Next, connect the wires by color and grab the connections with a soldering iron in turn.
  3. Each contact must be individually wrapped with electrical tape so that a short circuit does not occur.
  4. Cover the entire structure with electrical tape or put on a heat shrink tube.
how to fix an iPhone charging cord
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This repair option is possible if the charging cable breaks at a sufficient distance from the connector. Otherwise, it will not be possible to solder it to the wires. For repairs, you need to open the plug and attach the wires directly to the board. Let's take a closer look at the instructions.

  1. First you need to disassemble the cable. To do this, cut the body and carefully dismantle the connector. You don't need to throw out the plastic.
  2. We remove all metal parts and remove the silicone from the surface of the device.
  3. Under it is a small microcircuit, from which we carefully remove the glue.
  4. Now you need to tin the contacts with solder.
  5. After that, pinout is carried out (soldering contacts).
  6. Next, you need to check the functionality of the cable and assemble it.
how to fix a charger on an iPhone 4

You do not need to do this on your own if you are not confident in your abilities. You can only make matters worse.

Repair at the expense of another USB

One of the possible reasons for the breakdown is the failure of the connector, in which case the methods given earlier will not help. Here, only repairs using a different cable are possible. Note that it is better to take a wire that is faulty, but you are sure that the connector is working.

The process itself involves soldering a new connector to another cable. This is done according to the instructions given for conventional soldering in the previous paragraph.

iPhone charger broke how to fix

How to prevent breakage

Since the most common breakdown is damage to the insulating layer (and as a result of the cable), it is better for preventive purposes to protect the wire from unnecessary load. For this you need to provide amortization. To do this, a simple spring from a ballpoint pen is suitable, which will protect the cable from deformation. You need to do the following:

  • picking up the spring, wind it on the cable up to the connector itself;
  • secure the spring so that it cannot fly off.

Of course, the appearance of the cable will not be entirely aesthetic, but the probability of its breakage will decrease several times.

How to fix a charger from iPhone 5S, 5, 4, wire

Also consider a few tips.

  1. No need to twist or fold wires. This can lead to rapid wear and tear of the wire.
  2. Additionally, you can equip a workstation for yourself, on which to fix the cable so that it is not exposed to frequent loads, so you can create a whole docking station that will protect not only the cable, but also the phone.
  3. Also, avoid contact with water and other substances that could damage the cable.
How to fix a charger from iPhone 5S, 5, 4, wire

These are some simple tips to help keep the wire intact.

When to contact the service center

If you do not know how to fix the iPhone charging cord, then it is better to contact a service center. It is recommended to have the cable repaired in the following situations:

  • the phone stopped charging from this wire, while there is no visible damage to the cable, in which case, in order to detect the problem, you will need to ring it and identify the break point;
  • you are not sure if you can solder the cable yourself;
  • the charging comes off or works only in a certain position.
How to fix a charger from iPhone 5S, 5, 4, wire

During a visit to the service center, you will be informed of the cause of the breakdown and the cost of repair, if possible. Otherwise, you will have to visit the store and purchase a new cable. Do not neglect preventive measures so that the new wire does not fail. But sometimes it's not about the cable, so you need to know why iPhone is not charging from charging.

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