How to flash iPhone 4, 4S

If errors, blocking, loss of files often occur in a mobile device, there are various kinds of failures, then you definitely need to change the firmware.

How to flash iPhone 4 / 4S

For self-flashing iPhone 4, you must have:

  • mobile device;
  • PC;
  • connection cord;
  • ITunes.

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There are two ways to flash iPhone 4:

  1. Recovery mode is an emergency recovery option, effective for restoring the working state of components to iOS if they have stopped working correctly.
  2. DFUMode is an analogue of the previous method, but performs the firmware directly through 'FirmWare', that is, bypassing the smartphone's operating system.

Firmware via 'Recovery mode'

It is necessary to turn off the iPhone 4, connect it to the PC, holding down the 'Home' key. Thanks to this, the PC recognizes the smartphone in this mode. After that, it is worth doing the following steps:

  1. Launch iTunes and wait for the application to recognize the device, then the following options will be possible:
    1. The app may show a pop-up window that prompts you to restore your mobile. If such a window appears, then you need to agree; How to flash iPhone 4 / 4S
    2. ITunes will not issue a recovery offer. Then you should click on the phone image and find the recovery function. Hold down the 'Shift' or 'Alt' button and select the 'Restore' action. How to flash iPhone 4 / 4S
  2. In the dispatcher that appears, you need to find the previously downloaded firmware file and open it. How to flash iPhone 4 / 4S
  3. The program will then carry out the firmware automatically.
  4. At the end of the process, disconnect the phone from the PC.
  5. Turn off the iPhone by long pressing the power button.
  6. Turn on the gadget with a quick click of the power key.
  7. Carry out standard smartphone settings and start using.

DFU firmware

Connect the gadget to your PC and turn it off. Together, hold down the power and Home buttons for 10 seconds. and release the power button. When iTunes recognizes the smartphone in DFU mode, release the Home button.

How to flash iPhone 4 / 4S

Then you should do:

  1. Find your phone number in iTunes.
  2. Find the action to restore the gadget in the controls menu.
  3. Hold down the 'Shift' or 'Alt' button and select a smartphone.
  4. In the pop-up window, specify the route to the firmware and open it.
  5. Wait until the firmware is complete.
  6. Turn on the smartphone and use it in standard mode.

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