How to flash iPhone yourself

Technique Apple does not always work correctly and correctly, so it will not be superfluous to know how to flash an iPhone. Specialized services will not tell you how to flash an iPhone 5s yourself; instead, high prices are set for such a service. Some models can be stitched in the same ways, thanks to a single technology. But you need to figure out how to flash an iPhone 5 or other models on your own, this will be discussed in the article.

How to flash iPhone yourself via iTunes  and computer

Types of flashing

The methods of how to flash the iPhone 5s yourself are different, but the essence is the same – a new OS distribution is installed on the smartphone.

Now there are two options for installing the firmware on the iPhone:

  • Updating the current OS. The update is applied when the phone is operational, when Apple a firmware is released with improved security settings and new features. The update can be done either “over the air” using the built-in function of the phone, or you can flash the iPhone 4s yourself through itunes.
  • Recovery. When the smartphone does not work correctly, does not turn on, or there are other problems, recovery will be required to fix them. In this case, you will need to flash the iPhone 5s yourself through itunes without using the built-in functions iOS. To do this, you will need not only the downloaded distribution of the operating system supported at the time of recovery, but also a computer with iTunes installed.

Before you start reinstalling the system, preparation is carried out and each stage of the flashing is considered. Asking how to flash an iPhone 4 s if it is blocked by id, a person will not receive an answer, since this is impossible, and requires intervention in the design of the device.

how to flash an iPhone 5s yourself

Preparing for firmware

Before flashing an iPhone, you need to properly prepare it.

In order for the process of changing the operating system to end positively, it is advisable to prepare in advance before flashing the iPhone 4 (or other models), and other models of the apple gadget. First, you will need to save the data and load the necessary programs so that the procedure leads to the least inconvenience.

how to flash an iPhone

Backup copy

To flash an iPhone 6 means to lose data, a backup copy will allow you to save it.

Before flashing the iPhone 6 (or other models), so as not to lose data on the smartphone, a backup is created, which will include contacts, media files, and application templates are saved. You can transfer them both to the iCloud cloud storage and save them to your computer.

In the first case with iCloud you need:

  • open the settings menu;
  • at the top, click the username;
  • in the menu that opens, select the iCloud item, when scrolling, the backup item will be available;
  • by clicking on the button for creating a copy, wait for the procedure to complete.

Later, when reinstalling and logging into your account Apple ID, the information will be automatically transferred.

flash iPhone 4

In the case of iTunes, the process is simpler:

  • open the program and connect the smartphone to a PC using a USB cable;
  • then the button with the image of the phone is pressed, and at the bottom the item for creating a backup copy to the computer is selected;
  • if necessary, keep confidential data, a password is put on the copy, but this can be omitted;
  • after copying is complete, the system is reinstalled.
flash iphone 5

Flashing over Wi-Fi

If you want to flash the iPhone 5 “over the air”, there may be problems, then it only remains to restore it.

Asking how to flash an iPhone 4s without aytyuns, a person will receive an answer that in this way only an update is possible. An update is available that opens when there is a new one iOS. To go to this section, you will need:

  1. open “Settings”;
  2. go to the “Basic” section;
  3. select the item with software update;
  4. after checking for a new version, the screen will either offer to download and install the OS, or a message about the installed latest version.
flash iphone 6

Update iOS

Installing a new one iOS can help fix problems.

Sometimes an update iOS will help fix the problem, which is real only if the phone is working. But it is also possible to conduct it through iTunes, for this a phone is connected to the computer, and instead of the restore button, the update item is pressed. It remains to wait for the firmware download and installation. The over-the-air update procedure follows the same algorithm as indicated above.

flash iPhone 4s yourself via itunes


The latest version of iTunes will allow you to flash an iPhone 4 without any problems.

For the success of the flashing procedure, the user will need to install the latest build of iTunes – a program that provides work with services Apple and acts as a phone manager. If it is already present on the computer, then you can update without downloading a new package. This function exists in the program. You can download the official aytyuns on the website Apple, where there is a special section for this.

We will consider step-by-step instructions on how to flash iPhone via iTunes just below.

flash iPhone 5s yourself via itunes

Download firmware

how to flash an iPhone 4s

IPSW files need to be downloaded before flashing iPhone 4s yourself via iTunes.

If the phone is functional, the firmware will be downloaded automatically, as in the case of connecting via iTunes. The latest version of the operating system available for a particular phone is downloaded, and you cannot choose another.

If the phone has problems, or you need to install an OS lower than the last available one, the file is downloaded from third-party sources. The preferred resource is, where not only the choice of the operating system is available, but also the signature verification.

After all, if the distribution kit is no longer signed Apple, it will not be possible to install it, since software restrictions are imposed on this. To download you need:

  1. Go to the site.
  2. Select device type and iPhone model.
  3. The communication standard is also selected – GSM or CDMA, most smartphones Apple in Russia are equipped with the GSM standard.
  4. On the page that opens, a selection of firmware will be available, those that are available for installation are marked in green and are located at the top of the page.
  5. The required version is pressed, after which the download begins.
how to flash an iPhone 7

The process of flashing through iTunes step by step

how to flash an iPhone 6 yourself through aytyuns
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You can flash the iPhone 5s yourself through iTunes in several ways, which depend on the severity of the problems.

The very procedure of how to flash an iPhone through aytyuns is not difficult, but requires care and correct actions. Since a regular update takes five minutes, there is no need to consider this simple procedure. Instead, it's better to pay attention to the firmware if you have problems with your phone. In such cases, Recovery and DFU modes are used.

Recovery Mode

how to flash an iPhone 5s

Recovery mode is identified by the screen image that prompts you to connect your device to your computer.

Knowing how to flash an iPhone via iTunes using this method is useful for installing a “clean” iOS if the current one does not work correctly. Indeed, with a “cloud” update, information is not erased, but individual sectors are overwritten, which does not save you from software problems. To enter recovery mode:

  1. the smartphone turns off;
  2. after which the “Home” key is clamped for iPhone, which were produced before the 7th model. For iPhone 7 and newer models, you can activate the mode by holding down the volume down button;
  3. iTunes detects a problem with your phone and prompts you to update or restore. Since the update carried out at the preparation stage did not help, “Restore” is pressed;
  4. the last one iOS will be downloaded, which will be installed on the smartphone without transferring settings and files. The person will receive a “clean” phone.
how to flash an iPhone via itunes

The required action is selected in the menu, and it also explains in which case this or that option is suitable.

If you want to install not the latest OS:

  • cancel the window that pops up when the smartphone is connected;
  • hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard;
  • click the “Restore” button;
  • the file manager will offer to select a pre-loaded firmware file, and as soon as this is done, the recovery will begin;
  • at the end, the phone will reboot itself and the activation menu will open.

DFU Mode

how to flash an iPhone 5 yourself through aytyuns

In DFU mode, the screen does not show anything, and its activity can be determined only through iTunes.

The mode is considered professional in comparison with Recovery Mode, and requires different steps to activate. Before flashing an iPhone 7 (or other models), connect it to a PC and turn it off if it is active. Further, it is important to observe the specific duration of pressing:

  1. hold down the power button for three seconds;
  2. without releasing it, press the “Home” or volume down button, hold for 10 seconds;
  3. after the expiration of the period, release the power button, and hold the second one for another five seconds.
how to flash an iPhone through aytyuns

DFU mode puts the phone into a recovery state and the program identifies it as an emergency.

Without an indication on the screen, iTunes will tell you that it found the iPhone in recovery mode and offer options for how to flash the iPhone 4s (or other models). Updating in this mode will be unavailable, and you can restore it according to the same principle as for Recovery mode.

Firmware features

how to flash an iPhone 5s yourself

Some phones have slight differences related to recovery and firmware, but this does not affect the process.

The firmware process does not differ depending on the device that needs to be restored. But the difference is in how the device will be put into emergency mode, as well as in the version of the system that can be installed on the phone now. The truth is, how to flash the iPhone 6 yourself does not depend on this.

iPhone 4, 4S

how to flash an iPhone 6s

Despite the external similarity, iPhones 4 and 4S support different operating systems.

These phones are no longer supported Apple, and as a result, only old OS versions can be installed on them. For example, iPhone 4 only supports iOS 7.1.2, no other systems are available to install on it. But 4S is convenient for recovery, because in addition to iOS 9.3.5 allows you to install the old 6.1.3.

iPhone 5, 5S

how to flash an iPhone 4s yourself

These iPhones differ not only in the presence of TouchID, but also in OS support.

There are no firmware nuances for these models, and everything is limited to the version of the system currently available. So, the 5th iPhone now only supports the installation of OS version 10.3.3, which many call the latest stable build. But iPhone 5S, despite its age, still supports iOS 12, but iOS 13, which will be released in September 2019, will no longer be for it available.

iPhone 6, 6S

how to flash iPhone 5 yourself

Both of these phones remain relevant and support the latest operating systems.

The peculiarity of these smartphones is that both support the firmware iOS 12 and will support the 13th version of the OS in the future. At the same time, for standard screens and Plus devices, you need to download different distributions. There are no other features in the devices.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus

how to flash iPhone 7 yourself

The 7th generation of iPhones is the first to have no physical Home key.

These phones were the first to lack a physical Home key – it was changed to a virtual one with imitation of clicks. Instead of pressing the Home button to enter the recovery modes that are present in the previous ones iPhone, the volume down button is used for this. For these models, the latest builds iOS 12 are available, and with the release of the 13th, it can actually be downloaded to the iPhone 7 and Plus version.

How to reflash iPhone after jailbreak

how to flash an iPhone 4s yourself through a computer

In order not to get a “brick”, it is important to figure out how to flash an iPhone 6 after jailbreak

Jailbreak is installed by iPhone users to provide more functionality and free use of applications. But since this does not always work correctly, it becomes necessary to flash the device. In addition, with the jailbreak installed, you cannot update to the current one iOS.

When flashing after jailbreak, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. A backup is created.
  2. The phone is charged to full battery.
  3. The Cydia store downloads the Cydia Impactor package.
  4. Impactor starts up and the “Delete all data and unjailbreak device” button is pressed.
  5. The operation is confirmed, after which the smartphone will reboot, and you can install the firmware on it according to the described instructions.

We have discussed how to flash an iPhone 5s (or other models) in this article, while everyone will learn here how to flash an iPhone himself through a computer. There is nothing complicated in the procedure, you should properly prepare the device and follow the steps exactly as described in the article. Then the device will work correctly with the installed firmware and will not need expensive repairs.

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