How to format iPhone

Formatting your phone is a useful and sometimes necessary option. With its help, they get rid of unnecessary files that have accumulated after operating system updates, cleanse the gadget from viruses and prepare it for sale.

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How do you erase everything from iPhone? This is done simply. Open the 'Settings' application and look for the 'General' item.

How to format iPhone

Scroll through the menu to the end, where we will be greeted by the inscription 'Reset'. Feel free to click on it and see several formatting options. The user has the right to choose whether to delete everything completely from the phone, reset only the network settings, or set the basic settings to default.

How to format iPhone In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” How to format iPhone

To completely format the phone, select the second option 'Erase content and settings'. After that, enter the account data Apple, if the phone is tied to it. If the operation is successful, the gadget will go into a long reboot and will meet the user with a familiar screen with the inscription 'Hello' in several languages. We configure the necessary parameters and use a clean device.

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