How to get iPhone for free

Getting an iPhone for free is the dream of most of the planet, because it is a mobile device of a world brand, besides being of high quality and probably the most expensive one. It turns out that there are different sites and conditions that promise an iPhone as a gift.

How to get iPhone for free

Various ways to master iPhone for free:

  • Sites that promise to play a new and original smartphone for registration and simple activity in the personal account.
  • Internet sites where contests are held, for example, write a thematic article, a review, a response to the author's post.
  • Sites holding high-profile contests like 'Break the old phone and get a new one iPhone'.
  • Quizzes with tasks – using a photo designer to make a collage on the New Year's theme, for example.
  • You can become the owner of iPhone thanks to branded beverage companies that offer to register the codes of the consumed soda.
  • World banks are also rewarding customers with brand new iPhones, which have carried out the largest number of transactions per share term.
  • And you can also shoot an English-language video about iPhone lasting 15 minutes and get it.

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The Internet promises the opportunity to get an iPhone for free on different conditions, but the main thing is to try and believe.

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