How to Hard Reset to iPhone 7

Sometimes the owners of Apple smartphones are faced with a nuisance when the device freezes and needs a Hard Reset. It is worth remembering that Hard Reset Iphone 7 is performed differently from previous models.

hard reset iphone 7

What is Hard Reset for?

This function is also called hard collection or reboot. Hard reset iPhone 7 is used when it cannot be rebooted with regular means iOS. It's like reconnecting a battery.

The reasons for the complete freeze are failures that occur during the operation of the OS or installed applications. The gadget system is under heavy load and becomes unable to perform further operations. Also, the device may simply turn off, or not respond to the charger.

A simple solution would be Hard Reset iPhone 7, more complex reasons are eliminated by resetting to factory settings or updating the OS.

hard reset iphone 7

Hard Reset for 7th iphone

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Resetting the Iphone 7 differs from earlier models due to the home button that is needed in the reset procedure. Previously, such a button was physical, like the power or volume buttons. Now it is touch sensitive, and its pressing is processed at the software level, not hardware. This means that when the phone hangs, the home will not perceive touching it.

Before making a Hard Reset on the iPhone 7, which just turned off, it will be correct to connect it to the charger in order to eliminate the problem with the battery.

hard reset iphone 7 plus

For iPhone 7

First hold down the power button. Then, without releasing power, hold down the volume down. Wait until the logo appears Apple, and only then release the keys. Wait until the device is fully loaded and check the functionality.

how to hard reset on iphone 7

For iPhone 7 Plus

There are no differences in resetting on these models. Presses the power and volume down buttons until the company logo appears.

If resetting doesn't fix the problem, you'll have to connect your phone to your computer. Using iTunes, restore the phone to factory settings. When these instructions do not help the phone, contact the service center for specialists. Perhaps the breakdown is much more serious than a system failure.

how to hard reset on iphone 7

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