How to Hard Reset to iPhone 8

In the new iPhone model of the eighth series, the developers have changed the technology that is used to perform a hard reboot. This, it would seem, should not have happened – in these models there is the same touch button 'Home' as in iPhone 7. But it happened, so users need to know, just in case, how to implement a hard reset iPhone 8.

You can make a hard reset to iPhone 8 with and without buttons. This is one of the differences between the iPhone 8 and the seventh model, in which it was required to hold down the power button until the company logo Apple appeared. In even earlier models, you had to hold down the Home button in conjunction with the top or side button until the recovery screen was displayed.

How to Hard Reset to iPhone 8


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In order for the owner of iPhone 8 to reboot this device, you will need to press and quickly remove your finger from the volume up button. Then press and also quickly release the sound decrease button. After that, press and hold the button on the side to display the recovery mode screen.

If the iPhone 8 hangs tightly in different applications, starts to reset the brightness, etc., you need to try to restart the gadget by increasing or decreasing the volume – press and hold the power until the apple image appears. Of course, you can do this if everything is in order with the buttons.

How to Hard Reset to iPhone 8

Reset without buttons

  1. You can reboot without buttons iPhone 8 by entering the settings through the 'Basic'.
  2. Next, you need to select 'Accessibility' to enable Assistive Touch, and then go to the 'Apparatus' menu, in which there is an item regarding reboot. How to Hard Reset to iPhone 8
  3. You just need to click on restart and get the desired result without using any buttons. How to Hard Reset to iPhone 8

Using the AssistiveTouch function allows many users iPhone 8 who have acquired the necessary skill to speed up communication with the device and, in addition to everything, also to customize.

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