How to hide the number on iPhone

One of the useful functions iPhone built into the operating system is number hiding. When a call comes in, the interlocutor does not know who is calling him without joining the conversation. This opportunity is indispensable when trying to call a subscriber who has blacklisted you. This feature is supported by almost all cellular operators. It turns on in the settings of your smartphone by simple manipulations:

  1. Open the Settings menu;
  2. Look for the subsection Phone;
  3. In it, select Show number; How to hide the number on iPhone
  4. Activate the hiding of the number with the slider located next to it. How to hide the number on iPhone

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The “hide number on iPhone” feature is enabled and ready to use without any extra effort. It is recommended to test the functionality of the anti-caller ID by making a call to a phone that is available or to a person who is now next to you.

Disabling the function occurs in the same sequence as indicated above. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. But there are some nuances worth noting. The number is hidden only when making calls. By sending SMS messages, you do not activate the mode and you are not a 'secret interlocutor'. Also, some cellular operators require the connection of additional paid services for full functionality. You can find out the cost and other information on how to hide the number on an iPhone in the operator's help menu.

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