How to increase memory by iPhone

How to increase memory by iPhone


The most practical, ancient and effective method for increasing the amount of memory on an iPhone is a flash drive from the global manufacturer SanDisk. At first glance, the way to solve the problem may seem ridiculous and ineffective, but it works. Of course, many questions arise about how an iPhone can read this type of drive?

This connection is made using a wireless connection. Therefore, the client will be able to have a personal pocket cloud and at the same time increase the amount of memory up to 200 Gigabytes.

How to increase memory by iPhone

For such purposes, a special SanDisk is manufactured, which opens up such opportunities for users:

  • provides quick access to photos, videos and other files;
  • makes it possible to stream videos;
  • copy and transfer data like classic media.

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The flash drive has a USB 3.0 input. They release the so-called stick with 32GB, 64, 128GB and 200GB of memory. Selling a miracle device, of course, is expensive, but $ 28 will not bring a new iPhone to the client.

Wi-Fi Drives

Another way out for increasing the iPhone's memory is a storage device with Wi-Fi. These drives are connected using Wi-Fi. You need to install an application on your phone that will move around the file system and synchronize them.

How to increase memory by iPhone

Such a wireless storage device is a relatively new device, so it does not have many analogues, they must be constantly charged, since the battery lasts for a couple of hours.

Cloud storage

In the case when a mobile device is used at home, in a cafe, in an office with a Wi-Fi connection, cloud storage, for example, Dropbox, will be relevant. This application must be downloaded and installed on your phone. You can connect via Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

How to increase memory by iPhone

The advantage of this method is that the storages make it possible to obtain the desired information from anywhere in the world, which is convenient and practical.

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