How to make a fabulous sky in a photo? Let's tell!

Many of us sometimes find inspiration to create something like that with a photo, having seen enough of the beautiful profiles Instagram – bloggers.

How to make a fabulous sky in a photo?  Let's tell!

However, often there is no energy for this, no time – processing seems to be a long and tedious task. But we will share with you the secret of how to make a fabulous sky in just two clicks. Tempting?

The whole trick is in the Quickshot application. It is a free photo editor with tons of useful features that will free your hands. If in Lightroom such processing would take about 15 minutes, then here you can do it in just two clicks.

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The program has a special 'sky' mode. Here you will find about 50 skies, and 5 of them are fabulous. By the way, the options with the northern lights also look interesting and fascinating.

Unfortunately, some of these filters are not available in the free version. In order to use Quickshot to its fullest, you will have to subscribe (269 rubles per month) or pay 4490 rubles one-time.

Among other things, the application has a good classic photo editor, a large selection of filters, portrait mode and the possibility of stroboscopic shooting.

There is no doubt that the application is a good competitor to its fellows. For the rest, see for yourself.

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