How to make iPhone from paper

If a child also wants to keep abreast of world trends and have a chic gadget, there are several ways to give him an iPhone, only a paper one.

3D model of iPhone 4

For production, you must have a sample of the screen, glue, corrugated cardboard paper, white and black electrical tape, scissors. Manufacturing process:

  1. We make a case – cut 3 pieces of rectangles to fit the screen, round off the corners, put the parts together and glue them.
  2. We decorate the design – glue the panels with white electrical tape, and glue black on the side parts.
  3. Making a display – print a nice template and cut it out. Stick the screen and draw the Home button. Cover the front panel with colorless tape and you can give a new iPhone.

How to make iPhone from paper

IPhone from one sheet of thick glossy paper according to a pattern

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To create such a device, you should download a high-quality template with sidewalls and attachment points:

How to make iPhone out of paper

To work, you must have: a printed device template, a paper knife, scissors, a pencil, thick cardboard, a ruler, glue, a shoe box lid.

The process consists of the following stages:

  1. Print a sketch of the smartphone and cut it out.
    How to make iPhone out of paper
  2. Use a paper knife to make cuts in the fastening areas shown on the template. Slots are needed to secure all parts of the model.
    How to make iPhone out of paper
  3. Assemble the sketch along the lines of the bends.
  4. Cut out the blank of the front part from rough cardboard and make its corners round.
    How to make iPhone out of paper
  5. We make the second blank from the shoebox.
  6. Glue the two pieces together and put them inside the model.
    How to make iPhone out of paper
  7. Seal side edges.
  8. Insert the template ears into the slots and fit them in. It is good to pinch with your fingers and hold for a while. The paper iPhone is ready to use.
    How to make iPhone out of paper

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