How to make iPhone X from paper?

Time has changed, and children's crafts have changed. Now schoolchildren are not interested in tanks or paper bunnies, but in models of fashionable smartphones. Although the instructions on how to make an iPhone 10 out of paper will be interesting not only for children, teenagers, but also for creative adults with a sense of humor too.

Making iPhone X out of paper

What is needed

The question arises – who needs a paper or cardboard model of a gadget from Apple? First of all, this is an exciting activity for children or joint work with adults; also, a well-made cardboard model will help surprise or play pranks on friends. For example, such a thematic competition will be interesting at a party or birthday.

To make an iPhone 10 out of paper, prepare the following materials:

  1. A piece of cardboard.
  2. Ruler with a stencil.
  3. A simple pencil.
  4. Scissors.
  5. PVA glue.
  6. Black thin felt-tip pen or gel pen.

If no cardboard is available, use any backing that is easy to cut and does not deform with use. For example, a thin piece of foam, foam or other material.

Screen and housing manufacturing

Prepare a table for work, remove excess, put a newspaper or a special rug so as not to scratch the surface.

  1. Measure the outlines of the rectangle on cardboard: length – 14 cm, width – 7 cm. screen for iphone
  2. Round the corners by hand or with a stencil. case for iphone x
  3. Measure about 3.5 cm about each long side, draw a line exactly in the middle.
  4. Use a utility knife to cut out the base. base for iphone x
  5. Circle the workpiece on a white sheet, cut 2 rectangles. blank for iphone x

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Two sheets replace the front and back panels. For the side panels, cut long white strips 0.6 cm wide.

Build iPhone X

Connect the elements, remove irregularities with thin scissors. Use a ruler and black marker to outline the paths on both white sheets. Using PVA glue, connect all panels: cardboard in the middle, white blanks on both sides, strips frame the uncovered edges of iPhone 10. Apply glue with a special brush, a little at a time, press and hold each part for 5-10 seconds until complete adhesion. Remove excess glue with a cloth.

Build iPhone X

Finish iPhone X

The real iPhone X comes in 2 colors: 'silver' and 'space gray', but if you decide to make an iPhone out of paper, nothing gets in the way. True, in white, the craft looks more convincing. To achieve authenticity, let's designate the elements of the smartphone:

  1. On the back panel, draw a camera: an oval 2 cm long, 1 cm wide in the upper left corner. Finish iPhone X
  2. On the front, at the top of the display, draw a monobrow with a black felt-tip pen. The length of the recess is 3.5 mm, the width is 1-1.5 mm.
  3. We draw the edges of the contour again, so the screen will stand out more expressively against the white background.

What are the screen design options: draw dial buttons, indicate the battery charge, network, Wi-Fi icon in the top line. If you don't like a blank white display, color the front panel with the splash style from Apple.

Too hard? Get the simpler option. Find photos of the front and back panels of the iPhone 10 on the Internet, download them to your computer. Using a graphics editor, give the pictures the desired size and print. For ease of assembly, complete the drawing with undercuts and cut out the workpiece with them. For stability, cut a rounded rectangle out of cardboard and add it in the middle of the printed panels.

panels on iphone x

And for those who do not like to bother at all, you can find completely ready-made templates on the Internet, which are enough to print, cut along the contour and glue according to the scheme.

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