How to mute the camera on iPhone

Not all users of apple products like to take photographs accompanied by a characteristic sound. Fortunately, it can be easily turned off, and by far not the only way.

Method 1

The simplest option is to simply put the phone in silent mode. This is done with a switch on the side of the iPhone. How to understand that everything has been done correctly? It's very simple, when the silent mode is on, there will be a red stripe near the switch, otherwise it will match the color of the case.

How to mute the camera on iPhone

Method 2

If the switch doesn't work, you can turn off system sounds through Settings. We find the corresponding application, look for the Sounds item and in the Call and Alerts menu, move the slider to the left until it stops.

How to mute the camera on iPhone

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How to mute the camera on iPhone

Method 3

An unusual but common method is to plug in headphones while taking a photo. In this case, all sounds will be transmitted to the headset and hardly anyone can hear them.

Method 4

Without sound, photographing is carried out during video recording. However, there are drawbacks in this method – the quality of photos is lower than in normal mode.

How to mute the camera on iPhone

Photo button when recording video

It should be borne in mind that these methods do not work on all iPhones. The fact is that in some countries, for example, in Japan, gadgets are supplied without the ability to turn off the camera sound, so that it would be impossible to carry out hidden photography.

Jailbreak will help in solving this problem. With the help of tweaks, which are full of repositories, the sound can be muted in a couple of clicks. The only problem is that jailbreak is problematic now, especially on new devices.

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