How to mute the sound on iPhone

To turn off the sound, as well as turn off the vibration in iPhone (including the flash alert), you can use several options.

Method 1: silent mode

The first method includes turning on the silent mode. This option is responsible for turning off calls, replacing them with vibration. The easiest way to mute your smartphone is to use it.

It should be noted that in this mode the alarm clock works with normal sound. It's easy to activate the option, just slide the slider on the side at the top of the case.

How to mute the sound on iPhone

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If desired, you can adjust the rest of the sound parameters.

In the Settings, you should find the section responsible for sounds, it is called “Sounds”. And set the necessary settings manually, you can change the style of the notification when you receive SMS, incoming calls and notifications on the screen.

How to mute the sound on iPhone

Method 2: do not disturb mode

The second way is to activate Do Not Disturb mode. It lets you block everything from sounds and vibrations to light alerts. Distractions will be eliminated.

You can enable this mode by swiping across the screen and calling Control Center. In it, you need to press the crescent button. The activation will be confirmed by the appearance of the same icon in the upper right corner.

How to mute the sound on iPhone

You can also activate it through the Settings menu, section Sounds and tactile signals. It should be noted that this mode can be configured to work in a certain time period.

How to mute the sound on iPhone

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