How to omit screen content iPhone

After the screen was enlarged from 4 to 4.7 inches in iPhone 6, many users began to complain that it became uncomfortable for them to use the phone with one hand. While interacting with the bottom of the screen was easy, getting to the top was a lot of work. Some even managed to toss the phone on their hand in every possible way in order to move it closer to themselves, which often led to bad consequences.

To fix this, in one of the versions iOS an interesting option was added – the ability to omit the contents of the screen. When you double-tapped the Home button, the screen dropped to about the center, after which you could safely use it with one hand.

How to omit screen content iPhone

Lowered display example

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to ship first Apple ready to start production iPhone 12

With the release of Plus versions, this option has become simply indispensable for many, but before the start of sales iPhone X, many had a question: 'How can I lower the screen on it?'. The device doesn't have a Home button. The company Apple took this into account and slightly changed the algorithm for launching the function for the dozen.

First, the option must be made active. This is done in the same way as on other iPhones. In the settings, look for the 'General' item and go to the 'Accessibility' tab.

How to omit screen content iPhone How to omit screen content iPhone

Our goal here is 'Easy Access'. We activate it by moving the slider to the green position.

How to omit screen content iPhone

After the option has been launched, pull down the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen and select the action we need there. To return everything to its original state, simply click on the part of the display that was left blank.

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