How to quickly charge iPhone

Quite often you can observe such a picture when the user forgets to charge his device at night, but he needs it throughout the day. In such situations, it will be useful to know a few tricks, the use of which will significantly reduce the charging time of the iPhone.

Method 1

The first option is the most obvious – to completely abandon the use of the gadget while recharging. Then the phone will not waste energy on any user actions, but will only accumulate it.

Method 2

The second option is a little more interesting, but not everyone can resort to it. The point is that the standard adapter iPhone is rather weak. Its power is only 1A. This means that a device with a battery capacity of 1500mAh will be charged in 1.5 hours. In cases where the iPhone needs to be charged quickly, it is worth resorting to the adapter from iPad. It is 2 times more powerful than an iPhone and, accordingly, will replenish the battery of the phone much faster.

Method 3

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Everyone should know the third option for sure – the inclusion of airplane mode. When the mode is active, the phone does not receive or emit signals and does not work with any network, and these actions consume a huge amount of energy. To enable the option, go to Settings and at the very top, click on the button opposite the 'Airplane mode' item.

How to quickly charge iPhone

Compliance with battery care guidelines will help you charge your device faster. It is sometimes necessary to calibrate it so that the charge is displayed correctly. This is done by discharging and charging the phone several times, and it should be discharged from it so that it turns itself off.

It is worth refraining from charging via USB ports of a laptop or computer. They provide less voltage than a socket. If it is not possible to constantly be near the outlet, you need to purchase a special cable with two USB outputs. In this case, the charging power will be much higher. It is worth remembering that USB ports come in different versions. The higher it is, the better charge it will provide.

The battery charges fastest at room temperature. If you put your device in direct sunlight in summer or near a window in winter, your phone will not only fail to charge, but it will also work worse.

Sometimes you can resort to using special applications that somehow accelerate the resulting amperage. Although they rarely use such things, the app reviews receive only laudatory reviews.

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