How to reboot iPhone X forcibly if it freezes?

Apple iPhone X

Fans greeted the arrival of the new flagship from Apple – iPhone X with enthusiasm. To make the smartphone frameless, the developers had to conjure up the body and materials, and also remove the Home button. The redesigned design dictates new rules on how to use the touchscreen and how to reboot the iPhone 10.

Even an expensive smartphone malfunctions: freezes, does not turn on for a long time after discharge, does not open applications or crashes from one page to another. The reasons for lags can be incorrectly installed software, unlicensed firmware, viruses, or just a hardware failure.

Difference between soft and forced reboots

iPhone X reboot

If you see malfunctions in your smartphone, do not panic and immediately run to the service, most problems are solved by restarting the device. There are two ways to reboot iPhone X:

  1. With minor lags, for example, freezing of Internet pages, videos, files not working properly. In this case, the smartphone is turned on and functions, responds to pressing, but not always with a delay. To close background applications, just hold down the lower volume button and swipe on the slide that came out on the screen. This method 'cures' many iPhone 10 diseases.
  2. But with glitches of the OS or interface, you have to take other measures. The way to force restart iPhone X allows you to restart the system and fix problems with improper charging or software malfunctions.

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If the iPhone 10 does not respond to buttons or the restart does not lead to the desired result, try resetting your smartphone to factory settings. The so-called flashing can be easily done by yourself via iTunes. Connect the device to your computer and use the program to go through the recovery procedure. However, all content and personal information will be removed. To avoid serious losses, it is recommended to regularly back up your files to the cloud.

Hard reboot iPhone X

iPhone X Hard reboot iPhone X

Another way to restore the functionality of the gadget is to reset the RAM. To do this, you need to hold down the Power button until the shutdown menu appears. Then we press and hold the virtual Home until the moment, until you are thrown onto the desktop. Such procedures are recommended to be carried out every 2-3 weeks. A forced restart is only possible with physical buttons. If they fail, only the uncle from the service center will help out.

Hard reboot iPhone X includes three operations:

  • hold down the volume up key and immediately release;
  • then press the volume down button;
  • hold the power button until the lock screen appears.

Thus, the Home function has moved to the volume keys. Such a reboot iPhone X only at first glance may seem difficult, 2-3 rehearsals – the skill is worked out. The absence of the usual physical home key did not affect the usability of the device. Full reboot iPhone X is 1 button harder.

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