How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Sometimes situations occur when a person needs to record a telephone conversation on an iPhone. This is the method used by journalists interviewing. People who are trying to prove something using a recording of a conversation. Did you think that only special services can listen? No, iOS also has writeable programs. There are different situations, and in this article we will tell you in detail how to record telephone conversations on iPhone.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

The company Apple protects user privacy, so there are no special built-in functions or applications (in the starter kit) on iOS that can record the conversation on the iPhone during a call. Therefore, you need to either use external equipment, for example, a computer microphone, another mobile device, or download third-party applications for recording telephone conversations on iPhone, which will now be discussed.

In the first two cases, everything is clear: turn on the loudspeaker and record. The quality of the recording will be affected by the speaker of the phone (pretty decent for iPhones) and the recording tool (a membrane microphone will do, on a computer use the AudaCity app).

However, before starting, we recommend that you make sure that the person with whom you are going to record is notified of this, since recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations is a criminal activity (if you record without consent, then do not distribute the recording).

Let's start with jailbreak users. For them, there is such a solution as the tweak Audi oRecorder2, used for more advanced and serious recording of telephone conversations.

If your phone is not jailbroken, we advise you to pay attention to one of the following methods of recording phone conversations on iPhone.


TapeACall, a service developed by Epic Enterprises, allows you to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. The free version allows you to record calls of a minute duration, and TapeACall Pro has no time limit. You can track the progress of the call recording by going to the application menu by notification. The resulting recording of the conversation can be renamed, and also saved to iPhone, it is also possible to share it by sending it to email, some social networks (FB and Twitter), Google drive and cloud storage.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Download TapeACall from App Store


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Call Recorder, created by Telestar, in addition to recording outgoing and incoming calls within the country, also allows you to record telephone conversations with foreign subscribers. The audio recording is saved in memory iPhone and can be shared just like in TapeACall. The indisputable superiority of this service is that it is possible to hide the phone number during a call. IntCall is a free application, however credits are required to use it. One loan will cost 79 rubles, and 50 – 3790 rubles.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Download IntCall from App Store


This program for recording conversations on iPhone belongs to Russian developers. The Callwrite method is as follows: during telephone conversations, the service must be connected to the call using the principle of conference calls. At the end of the call, iPhone will receive a notification that the telephone conversation has been recorded and the received copy has been saved. However, to listen to the recording, enter your personal account and pay for this service, the company tells us.

Note: To use Callwrite, first make sure your carrier has 3-way conferencing support.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Go to the service website.

Call Recorder Unlimited

The service was developed by TellTech Systems and has similarities with TapeACall, however, it has one advantage – the ability to translate the conversation recording into text. A monthly subscription for using this application costs 129 rubles.

Clarification: Before using Call Recorder Unlimited, please make sure your carrier supports 3-way conference calling.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Download Call Recorder Unlimited from App Store

Google Voice

The first important note is that the Google Voice service can only work in the United States. With it, you can record incoming calls. The work goes through a Google account, so you need to create one if you don't have one. The big advantage of the app is that phone calls are recorded for free. To change your location in the USA, use special services or browsers. Only their services are paid in most cases.

How to record phone conversations on iPhone

Download Google Voice from App Store

The article lists the most popular ways to record phone calls on iPhone, at the moment all programs are working and support the latest version iOS. Use carefully, we remind you that recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations is punishable by law. Do not use applications for personal gain, do not distribute audio recordings unnecessarily.

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