How to reflash iPhone

Automatically via settings iPhone

You can update or restore an iPhone by flashing it. You can automatically do this over the air if you are switching to a fresh version of the program. You need to make settings:

  1. Enter the basic settings and enable software update;
  2. When updates are generated, read the latest information;
  3. Download and install software.

How to reflash iPhone

Using iTunes

If it does not come out to put the fresh version iOS, from the iPhone (the software is not loaded) you need:

  1. Connect iPhone to PC;
  2. Go to 'Device Management', click 'Update'.

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How to reflash iPhone

iTunes allows you to download the update using the uploaded firmware file. This move is used when nothing else can fix the situation.

  1. Connect iPhone to your computer using USB;
  2. In 'Device Management', hold down Option in Mac or Shift to Windows and click 'Update'; How to reflash iPhone
  3. Select the downloaded firmware file. How to reflash iPhone

Recovery Mode

You can flash an iPhone using Recovery Mode to get a completely clean system if the program does not function as expected.

  1. Turn off the power of the smartphone;
  2. Press the volume or Home button, connect the phone to the PC. iTunes will automatically know if the gadget is having problems and fix them.


DFU is used for firmware. This allows you to recover if Recovery Mode did not fix the problem (the iPhone cannot be turned on, it does not respond to other actions).

  1. For flashing, you need to connect the iPhone to the PC, turn it off if it is in the on state;
  2. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds;
  3. Press the volume down button ('Home'), while holding the power button and hold for 10 seconds;
  4. Release the power icon, but hold the second one for another 5 seconds. How to reflash iPhone
  5. Restore the operating system via DFU – by pressing the 'Restore' button. How to reflash iPhone

The appearance of the inscription iTunes, Apple indicates the transition to Recovery Mode. In this case, try again.

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